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Family Business Conference 2018

The LBS Family Business Club is proud to announce its annual Family Business Conference  which will discuss ways to thrive in ever-changing economy on Friday 20 April.

In a closed-door environment, the conference will cover challenges and opportunities faced by family businesses from diverse perspectives.

A couple of major themes will be explored throughout the conference: 'Perpetuating through a Disruptive Economy' and 'Transitioning into Family Businesses'. The first theme will focus on how family businesses have grown and will continue to prosper over the period of disruptive markets, providing intuitions shared by prominent family business leaders. The second theme will focus on the next generations and their transition into family business management.

The London Business School Family Business Conference 2018 will be held under Chatham House rules.

You can find out more about the conference and what goes into organising an event like this from the co-chairs Catherine Chew, Andre Noguiera and Daniel Park, who features in this edition’s Our People article.