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Faculty Research Lecture with Jonathan Berman

Reserve your place today for the next Faculty Research Lecture with Jonathan Berman on 'The Braggart's Dilemma'.

Where and when:

Thursday 1 March 2018, 13:00 - 14:00 in LT1. Save the date to your calendar.

People often brag about, or advertise their good deeds to others. For instance, some donors to non-profit organisations often brag about their good deeds by placing their name on buildings they have funded, while others prefer to donate anonymously. In this research Jonathan investigates how people assign credit to donors who choose to make it known that they have donated their time and money, compared to those who choose to remain anonymous.

On the one hand, bragging informs the public that a donor has done a good deed, which should increase the perception that they are generous. On the other hand, bragging sends a signal that the donor was motivated in part to receive credit for his or her good deeds, instead of having a pure desire to help others. Jonathan outlines situations in which bragging should increase versus decrease perceptions of generosity and discusses the implications for fundraising.

Faculty profile

Jonathan Berman conducts research in judgement and decision-making and consumer behaviour. His specific areas of research look at (a) signals of selfishness in prosocial behaviours, decision-making and (b) how consumers manage their personal finances.

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