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Faculty Research Lecture with Dr Anja Lambrecht

When Does Retargeting Work? A Field Experiment in Online Advertising

LT1 at 12.30 - 13.30 on Thursday 30 June

Online advertising spend is continuously increasing but companies often have a limited knowledge of whether (and how much) their advertising spend increases sales and what type of ads convert consumers to buying. In this lecture Anja will talk about her research that investigates a specific form of online advertising called retargeting. Retargeting refers to an increasingly prevalent form of banner advertising where online banner ads feature pictures of products that consumers have browsed earlier on the seller’s websites but chose not to buy.

More broadly, Anja will discuss the role of conducting large-scale field experiments to measure online advertising effectiveness.

Anja Lambrecht, Associate Professor of Marketing, teaches the elective programme, ‘Going to Market: Managing the Channel and Sales Force’ to MBA and Executive MBA students. Read her full profile on london.edu

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