Don’t forget to register your recovery details

Over the next 18 months the myaccess@LBS programme is making access to LBS systems simpler, more secure and consistent.      

Our journey to better security starts with Self Service Password Reset (SSPR)
If you forget your LBS password, get locked out of your computer or have had your account compromised, you can now get back in via a recovery email address anywhere, anytime and from any device. SSPR allows you to:

  • Reset your password yourself at any time, on any device and in any location
  • Recover your password yourself if you have forgotten it

Getting started
Check out the quick video on this page for information on how to get started, the whole process takes less than five minutes.
You’ll firstly need to register your recovery contact details through the page. Log in with your and password and click SSPR registration, you’ll notice a number of applications on this page. Please ignore these for now as we will be giving you more information about these in an upcoming project. 
Check out the Common FAQs for further information (also available on

What’s coming up?
Upcoming projects under the myaccess@lbs umbrella include Multi-Factor Authentication, Single Sign-On, updated Password Rules and many more.
If you experience any issues that are not covered in the quick guides, please contact IT Support.