China Business Forum

The LBS China Club is proud to announce this year's China Business Forum is taking place on 25 May 2018 at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre. 

The theme for this year is 'Does China Still Need the West'. The forum will take a deep dive into the theme via a series of panels and speeches spanning across five key areas: Macros and Policies, Sinovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship, Fashion and Luxury Goods, and Young Leaders.

The China Business Forum is proud to present 30+ speakers with diverse backgrounds and a wealth of experience. Here are some of the highlights: 

  • Dr Angelika Sodian, Managing Director of NIO, UK. NIO, a born-in-China start-up, breaks into the premium/luxury automobile industry which was previously dominated by the West. Three years from inception, NIO launched its debut model, which was viewed as a serious competitor to Tesla. Dr Sodian will share with us NIO’s vision and technological breakthroughs which makes NIO stand out not only in the domestic but also the international markets.
  • Michael Ward, Managing Director of Harrods. Harrods is one of the oldest and most reputable department stores in the world, and certainly one of the “Must Go” places when visiting London. Given the rising purchasing power, Chinese consumers now take over the British shoppers as the largest spending group at Harrods. Mr Ward will take us through some of the initiatives at Harrods to win over Chinese consumer flows and to stay competitive given the disruptive threats from online retailing.
  • Huabin Wang, Deputy General Manager at Bank of China, UK, China’s Belt & Road Initiative is an economic and diplomatic programme which will revitalising trade routes and diplomatic connections with other countries. Together with three other largest state-owned banks, Bank of China raised billions for Belt & Road endorsed cross-border investments / developments. Mr Wang will share with us insights on Belt & Road Initiative which will reshape global trades and certainly the future collaborations between China and the UK.

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