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Changes to your payslip

You may notice some changes to your payslip this month. This is because LBS have moved to a new HR and Payroll system and there are some USS Pensions Scheme changes that have come into effect.

Payslip FAQs

1. Why does some of my payslip look different this month?

Some of the labels have changed. This is because we have moved to a new HR and Payroll system and the labels for salary and pensions have changed to reflect the payments or deductions more accurately. This doesn’t affect your pay in any way.

2. Why does my pension information look different?

The percentage of your pension contribution is now listed under ‘Units’. Any additional contributions (AVC) including the 1% match (if you have opted to take this through the MyUSS portal) is listed below your regular monthly pension contribution.

3. Why does my pension contribution say 0 on the bottom right of my payslip?

This is because you are paying through Salary Exchange – so you will see a Sal Exchange amount under your gross pay (currently top left) which represents your pension contribution.

4. Will my employer pension contribution show on my payslip?

No, your employer contribution is not shown on your payslip but please rest assured, this payment is being made to the Scheme on your behalf. Similarly, if you are a member of USS and doing the 1% match, then only your 1% will be shown on your payslip. You will be able to log into your MyUSS account to see both employer and employee contributions going into your Investment Builder account. Members of the LBS GPPP should log into their Scottish Widows account (link through Portal).