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Changes to the School taxi policy

The School will no longer have a central supplier account for taxis. Staff and faculty are now encouraged to use, whenever possible, public transport or their own personal taxi accounts (e.g. Uber etc) with payments being processed via expenses.

For clients, participants, students or other external parties, an up-to-date list of recommended taxi suppliers will be held at both the Ratcliffe and Security reception desks. Please note that the individuals will be responsible for making payment for their own journeys. 

For journeys where large groups are travelling together, coaches are to be used as first choice and the School maintains a centrally paid account. Where the use of coaches is not convenient or appropriate, a centrally managed account has been maintained with Addison Lee. 

The full School Taxi policy and Policy for Use and Payment of Taxis / Group Bookings – 2017 can be found on Portal.