Brand quiz: And the winners are...Brand

Brand quiz: And the winners are...

They came, they answered, they conquered! Congratulations to the Terrific 10 who got full marks in our quiz to test your knowledge of LBS and our brand relaunch.

The quiz maestros were (in alphabetical order): Aarti Poonja, James Harrington, James Martin, Kimberley Benham, Lawrence Challen, Lijuan Yu, Matthew Donald, Omar Bekhit, Paulo Caiado, Prathiba Swaminathan.

With nothing to choose between this group of perfectionists, we had to set a tie-breaker question: how many staff took part in the quiz? The answer was 152.

And the winner is:

Prathiba Swaminathan, Executive Education

Our four runners-up are:

  • James Harrington, Executive Education
  • James Martin, Executive Education
  • Lawrence Challen, Executive Education
  • Matthew Donald, Advancement

Thank you to all of you who took part. For those itching to find out where you went wrong, here are the answers.


Quiz answers


1.       What date are we relaunching the LBS brand?

  • 4 March

20% of you said 26 February. This was the date of the big reveal, our advanced preview for staff and faculty. The brand went live on 4 March.

2.       We are relaunching our brand to (all five answers were correct):

  • stand out in an increasingly competitive market
  • be clearer about what we offer
  • bring greater consistency to the way we interact with our customers
  • provide our audiences with a compelling reason to choose us
  • help us achieve our ambitions as a School

 3.       In which year was LBS founded?

  • 1964

 4.       The MBA2020 class has 485 students representing how many different nationalities?

  • 64

This was based on the information on our website at the time the quiz was set.

5.       Currently, how many open programmes are offered by Executive Education?

  • 35

This question proved the hardest. Only 41% got it correct.

6.       Last year, to keep our campuses looking their best, Campus Services:

  • fixed 1,100 faulty light bulbs

Another tricky question to sort out the high flyers from the also rans: but 46% weren’t fooled on this one!

7.       Approximately how many alumni do we have?

  • 44,000

30% were left behind by this one. The answer was hidden in plain sight on our website.

8.       Which five of these companies were founded by School alumni?

  • Ineos (chemicals)
  • Love Shark (social augmented reality games)
  • Allergan (pharmaceuticals)
  • Lonely Planet (travel guides)
  • World Remit (money transfer)

 9.       Who said: ‘“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

  • Jeff Bezos

You’re clearly Jeff fans! 96% got this one right. And was solitary person who answered Usain Bolt expecting to run off with the prize?!

 10.   Who is responsible for making the brand succeed?

  • Everyone who works at LBS