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Art competition celebrates 150 years of women’s education

Throughout 2018, University of London (UoL) is celebrating the 150th anniversary of women accessing higher education at the University. One of the first events is an art competition open to all UoL students and member institutions, including LBS. The successful applicant will be awarded a £5,000 prize to create a piece of public art that will be on permanent display at the heart of the UoL campus in Torrington Square, Bloomsbury.

In 1868, for the first time in British history, nine women were admitted to UoL for a ‘special examination’ course. It was a further 10 years or so before women were admitted to read for the same degrees as men. However, this first move marked important progress for our society. This first significant step will be celebrated with a series of 150th anniversary events and activities throughout the year.

As 2018 is also the 100th anniversary of the first partial franchise for women – women aged 30 and over gained the parliamentary vote for the first time – the competition’s themes could commemorate both these historical milestones for women.

The competition aims to create a lasting memorial to our pioneering women academics. The final artwork will be installed outdoors in one grassed area of Torrington Square. Therefore, the successful proposal will be a flat design that doesn’t restrict pedestrian or vehicle access, one that is weather resistant and extremely durable.

To find out more about the competition milestones, specifications and selection process, visit the University of London’s website.