Are you sitting comfortably?

Most of us use computers as a fundamental part of our roles here at the School. But are we aware of the potential issues associated with poor set-up of our computer workstation and peripheral equipment?

In an effort to pro-actively manage potential issues, the School administers an online DSE Assessment training and assessment system. If a more detailed workstation assessment with a Health and Safety Consultant, is considered necessary this will be arranged. If specialist equipment is recommended and/or the work environment is required to be altered, this can be agreed and arranged on a case-by-case-basis. 

Computers, like other work equipment can expose you to certain risks that could affect your physical and mental wellbeing.  This is often due to the way the computer workstation is set up and how it is used.  The most common risks from using computers are eye fatigue, musculoskeletal discomfort (aches and pains in your back, arms, wrists) and stress-related conditions.

If you have not yet completed the programme of training and assessment, please access it here

If your email address is not recognised, please contact Cathy Youthed ( for assistance.