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Access to the Fitness and Wellbeing Centre

For your security, health and safety, the use of gym facilities is exclusively for LBS students, staff and registered partners. Please help us meet your fitness centre needs by adhering to our policies.

A large number of students have been signing in guests as LBS visitors before proceeding to use the gym. So, it’s time for a friendly reminder of our School policies:

  • Anyone wanting to use any school facilities must be formally associated with the School – either a current student, staff member or a registered partner.
  • Before using the gym, everyone must have an induction. This is for your safety as well as to ensure that you make the most of available equipment.
  • Current student partners are allowed access to the gym but they must also have an induction and carry their LBS Partner ID card.
  • No guests, visitors or people from outside the School are permitted to use any of the gym facilities.
  • If your ID card is lost or does not work, please see the Fitness and Wellbeing Centre reception team.

 We are very happy to help you with your fitness and access needs. If you have any questions about policies or procedures, please ask the team at the Fitness Centre reception.

Please email fitnesscentre@london.edu to clarify any queries.