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Four stress busting tips

Here are four quick and easy tips to help everyone boost energy and reduce stress levels. 

1. Sort out your sleep routine
If you're not properly rested, you'll be lacking in energy and running on adrenaline. If you don't already prioritise sleep, spend a few weeks experimenting with your bedtime and wake-up time to find the routine that leaves you feeling rested, positive and capable.

2. Step away from stress
Many people feel stressed every day. At the same time, in workshops and coaching programmes, the most regular wellbeing objectives are:

a) be more active 
b) eat more healthily

Activity and movement help us process stress hormones, but if we stay at the desk forcing ourselves to push on through the day, these hormones just build and build and sap our energy and focus.

Similarly, stress affects food choices, usually leading to increased intake of caffeine, sweet and processed food, and alcohol - which in turn aggravates stress levels.

So, plan your day carefully so that you get up and move around regularly. Use this movement time to stay hydrated, get some fresh air, eat a healthy meal or snack, and think about something different for a moment.  All of this will take just a few moments here and there through the day but will help make your time more effective and more enjoyable.

3. Mind your language

How many times a day do people think and say stress related words and phrases everyday without really noticing the effect this has on their outlook, attitude and energy levels.

How about considering 'challenging opportunities' rather than 'stressful situations', and chances to 'learn and develop' rather than 'fear of the unknown'? We can't always change our professional commitments but we can change how we think and feel about some situations.

4. Take a moment
Above all else, try to get into the habit of prioritising regular breaks through the day and taking a step back to assess specifically what might be causing you stress.

Make some notes and use these observations to prioritise changes to your routine that will keep stress levels low and energy high at all times.