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12 Days of Fitness

Why not treat yourself throughout December. We are running a special ’12 days of Fitness’ Christmas promo with a number of discounts available on our retail products and fantastic services*. 

1st Dec:                 Protein Bars - £2 (usually £3)

2nd Dec:                10% off any retail

5th Dec:                10 Class card - £5 off

6th Dec                  Acupuncture - 10% off (booked for this day)

7th Dec                  Towel card - £6 (usually £10)

8th Dec                  All padlocks - £5 (usually £5.20/£6.00)

9th Dec                  Free Fitness classes all day (class must be booked online using the portal)

12th Dec:               Headphones - 10% off

13th Dec:               Goggles - 10% off

14th Dec:               All classes - £2.50 (cash only, not deductible from class card)

15th Dec:               Protein shake - £3 (usually £4)

16th Dec:               Massage - £5 off all treatments (booked for this day)


The Services (acupuncturist and masseuse) can be booked from the 1st December, but the discount on their services will only be available on their allocated date. Please arrange your appointment by emailing the Fitness Centre and quoting ’12 days of Fitness’. The discounts on the products are only available on the dates listed above.