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Zaiba Badrudin - EMBA Programme Manager

Tell us a bit about the journey to your current role at LBS…

I have been at LBS for almost a year now. I started in the Strategy and Entrepreneurship Subject Area, working with a very humble team who helped me familiarise with LBS so quickly. Learning about the faculty and their areas of interest also fascinated me as I got to hear diverse knowledge.

When I was given the chance to work in the Executive MBA team, I was happy as it meant I will be student-facing. Since joining this dynamic team, I have definitely improved my multitasking skills. There is definitely a lot to learn and still a lot more I look forward to, but I have so far enjoyed working out solutions to problems with my team and also the positive attitude we all have. Getting to know my students is another side of the story as this means I can have interesting conversations with them, and I can help them settle in at LBS with the knowledge I can offer and guide them on their journey where possible.

Before LBS, I was teaching undergraduates at University of London in Management and IT related courses. Prior to that I was working for a small charity as an IT consultant and technician, and was responsible for a change management process.

I enjoy the higher education environment as it also helps me keep up with what’s new and expand my knowledge.

Can you tell us more about your job role, and take us through a typical day?

My day is never the same. This is the interesting part, because I have business as usual activities and projects to work on, but everyday involves me looking for answers to new questions.

There are varying situations that I need to manage from dealing with student matters, to academic concerns or planning our next academic year. I spend some days in meetings all day without arriving at my desk, and others without leaving my office.

When we have our students on campus, it is always a rewarding feeling to learn about their experience so far, and any gaps for improvement. I enjoy having the ability to make suggestions and lead projects which can bring change for the better.

What part of the role do you enjoy most?

I had my first congregation ceremony in July, and this meant the team had invested a lot of effort in the planning. Watching our students walk across the stage and receiving their congratulations was something that made me happy. They would be saying ‘Thank you’, along with their family and in some cases children, which makes you feel like you have done a good job. This is also inspiring because it takes a lot of motivation for our students to manage their work, studies and family commitments.

I am currently working on orientation, and have really enjoyed getting to know my students from the beginning, which will help me build good relationships. Again going back to how I enjoy seeking knowledge and learning from others, this is a great opportunity to learn how different people have come from different walks of life to be where they are now.

What has been the highlight of your time at LBS?

Interacting with students from different walks of life has been very interesting. Being born and bred in London means I still have a lot to learn about different cultures and people around the world.   

Which five celebrities would you invite to your dream dinner party?

  1. I’m going to cheat and count my family as one person, as they have been with me through my ups and downs.
  1. Eddie Murphy – his signature smile will make everyone else smile.
  2. Sharon Wilson, as she can give great advice on how to believe in ourselves.
  3. Wei Wells, as she is a Lion tamer and can give great advice on how to stand strong even through the storm.
  4. A current EMBA student who is the deputy prime minister of a country. It would be lovely to learn how he can manage such a big responsibility with his studies.

Tell us something surprising about yourself…

I don’t have one surprising element. People can get to know me and learn new things, but I like mixing different cuisines and creating my own dishes. I can also do henna art!