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Welcome to our new faculty colleagues

Simcha Barkai, Assistant Professor of Finance (PhD from University of Chicago). Simcha’s research interests span macroeconomics, finance and applied economics. His job market paper tries to explain the variation in stock returns over past 30 years by declining shares of labour and capital resulting in an increase in the profit share of the output. This redistributes income towards households with greater marginal propensity to save. In another paper, Simcha examines a large observed increase in executive compensation and he attributes it to large rise in operating income rather than a change in bargaining power of the executives relative to the shareholders.

Sungyong Chang, Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship (PhD from Columbia University). Sungyong’s research bridges strategy and computational social science. He explores topics in technological change and firm growth strategy in the high-tech and cultural industries by using computational modelling and big data analysis.

Colleen Cunningham, Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship (PhD from Duke University). Colleen’s research focuses on how novelty conditions various stages of the innovation process, including the generation and selection of inventions, the commercialization of inventions into innovations, and the implications of significantly novel innovation for firm structure and strategy. She explores these questions across multiple industries, focusing on medical technologies and the energy sector.

Herminia Ibarra, Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Charles Handy Chair in Organisational Behaviour, from INSEAD. Herminia is arguably the leading expert on career dynamics, focusing in particular on networks of work relationships, networks of under-represented members, and the identity dynamics of role transitions.  For example, she developed the concept of “identity work” to describe how people manage their self-concepts at work and outside of work.

Alastair Lawrence, Associate Professor in Accounting, from University of California. Alastair’s research is aimed at providing insights into relevant and current practice issues within the accounting profession, with a particular focus on how investors acquire and use financial reporting information.

In addition, we are pleased to see the return of Andrew Likierman as Professor of Management Practice in Accounting.

We also welcome the following new visiting faculty:

Andreea Minca, Visiting Associate Professor in Management Science and Operations, visiting from Cornell University for the 2017/18 Academic Year.