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Trio celebrate 30 years at LBS

This week saw three colleagues reach a monumental milestone in their careers. Ann Folkmans, Business Information Specialist, John Hall, Library Customer Services Manager and Jonathan Eaton, Senior Content and Systems Manager, each celebrated 30 years working at the School. That’s a whopping 90 years collectively!

Colleagues held an amazing celebratory party in honour of them, where Julian Birkinshaw and Tansy Rothwell led speeches, followed by cake, nibbles and drinks.


John said, "I would say my favourite memories of LBS would be the people I have worked with over the last 30 years. I have met some wonderful people, and am still in touch with a lot of them.

On being asked what her secret for staying for 30 years was, Ann said, "There is no secret – but I was lucky to be able to work part time for many years. Fortunately my work is varied and I am continuously learning while I help people research."

Having been asked on how he felt after reaching 30 years, Jonathan said, "Pleased to have started my career at the School in the pre-Internet era, so I was there to see it unfold." 

Commenting on the achievement, Julian said, "The work of these three does not get celebrated enough - the library is a service which the school can not do without."

Here is some more information about our dynamic trio.


When did you start working at LBS and what does your role entail?

John Hall – start date 06/11/1989.

I Manage the Customer Service Team, maintain our physical library spaces and promote the IS&L services.

Jonathan Eaton – start date 04/12/1989.

I manage the key IS&L systems and system innovation and enhancement as well as ensuring user discovery and access.

Ann Folkman – start date 11/12/1989.

I deliver the business information enquiry and research support service (with Rachel Madley) and act as the School’s copyright officer and am involved with student training & inductions.


What’s your favourite thing about LBS?  

John: A no brainer, it has to be the people!

Jonathan: The high calibre, professionalism and dedication of the colleagues I work with across School. Departments – a continuing source of motivation and inspiration to do a better job.

Ann: The students - many have amazing backgrounds.


What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

John: Think before you act.

Jonathan: Never judge people solely by first appearances; treat everyone and everything you meet with due consideration.

Ann: You can’t judge a book by its cover.


Tell us something surprising about you.

John: I love horse-riding and am a complete Star Trek nut!

Jonathan: I shared a driving instructor with the Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex - the same senior Met police instructor who taught the then Princes William and Harry to drive.

Ann Folkmans: I have taken part in one of the largest choral events in the world - a choir of 30,000 people at the Latvian song festival.