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Tony Sheehan

Name: Tony Sheehan
Position and department: Associate Dean, Digital Learning
Time at London Business School: 4 months

1. What does your typical work day look like?
The train in tends to be a catch-up of overnight emails and learning technology trends. Once the meetings start, it’s pretty back-to-back, with lots of conversation, whiteboarding, drawing, brainstorming and project planning and delivery. Anyone who has sat with me will see I scribble and sketch – a lot!  So the train home is an opportunity for reflection, processing what has gone on and hatching plans for what’s next.

2. What keeps you motivated? 
Innovation and problem-solving – which are often closely related.  I started in the construction sector, so there is an inbuilt bias toward solving problems and creating the right output for all.  Currently, I’m fascinated by the ways in which our lives, working and learning habits are each evolving with technological change and I enjoy developing new ways of helping people to cope with the pace of change.
3. What’s your favourite spot on campus and why?  
Anywhere with a view of the park. It somehow seems to stimulate reflection and creativity at the same time.
4. What is top of your bucket list? 
Get an office with a view of the park….or maybe visit South Island of New Zealand
5. Who would play you in the film of your life?  
Dermot Morgan.  If he was good enough for Father Ted, he’s good enough for me.
6. Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?  
My family. I’d only have to go home and tell them what happened anyway.
7. What is the most important lesson life has taught you?  
Never skimp on time spent with people. Some of the most valuable insights I’ve gathered or most useful advice I’ve managed to give over the years has come after a long, reflective chat.
8. What do you consider your greatest achievement?  
I saved someone from drowning about 20 years ago.
9. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?  
Always look to the future rather than spend time anchored in the past.
10. Tell us something surprising about you? 
I’ve been an All England champion five times…