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How can we become a catalyst for change?

Ahead of this year's TEDxLondonBusinessSchool, Co-chair, Surekha Rao MBA2017, shared her experience of organising the event so far and what we can expect.

  • Why did you choose to get involved in TEDxLondonBusinessSchool? 
    After choosing to get involved with a couple of clubs that were ‘business’ or ‘career’ choices, I also wanted to do something that was completely different. I would often listen to TED Talks when I was uncertain about things, needed a pick-me-up or just felt like learning about something new. I thought that being a part of a club that focuses on finding ‘ideas worth sharing’ would be a good break in routine.

  • What is the theme this year?
    Inflection Points – coming up with the theme was a two- three month process. We spent many sessions brainstorming different ideas and everyone in the team had a part in what we came up with. It was a lot of fun and was a great way to get to know the team in the first few months of working together!
    A bit more about the theme - the last few months have sparked numerous heated discussions on the scale of change that is upon us, both globally and in our own backyard of London. Many of these conversations leave us wondering how we can seize this inflection point and be a catalyst for change. Our goal this year was to bring speakers who have made critical choices in critical moments of time, enabling them to action change in their life or community.

  • How can students get involved?
    We are a student run event from start to finish. Students can get involved by being a member of the executive team – we’ve had people join the team in their second year as well, supporting us on the day of the event and of course, as a student speaker (this year we had such an amazing set of applications that we’ve got three student speakers instead of our typical two) or as the face of the event as an MC.

  • What are you most looking forward to from the finals?
    To see the whole thing come together! TEDxLBS is different in that this is our one external facing event in the entire year, everyone’s work really shines through on this one day. The audience reactions and feedback is truly the most rewarding bit!

  • What will you take away from this experience? 
    The people! From other streams, programmes, years… I’ve made strong friendships with people I wouldn’t have otherwise met during my time at LBS. As the last thing I’ll be involved with before graduating, I’m so glad that this will be the way I wrap up the MBA.

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