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Ricky Marino, LBS's very own ultra runner!

A huge congratulations to our Fitness Centre’s Ricky Marino for running around the Isle of Wight, an incredible 106km, and coming in third place. We caught up with Ricky (not literally; we’re not that fast!) to ask him how it went.

Hi Ricky! Well done on such an incredible achievement. Can you tell us a little more about the race?

It was a 66 mile running race with a 7.500 feet elevation where the hardest and sharpest hill was after 63 miles, practically at the end of the race! Most of the route was on the coastal path with a fantastic white cliff view and an awesome wide panorama. The course was broken down in 4 stages between 21-31 km with a major rest stop at the end of each!

Phew! How much were you training before hand?

I was already in very good condition but I spent 4 months prior to the race following a professional ultra-running programme prepared by Rory Coleman (a legend in ultra distance competitions).

In those four months I ran 10 marathons (one in under three hours!), 15 half Marathons, 4 x 50km running sessions and one 60km Ultra Race in Dover where I finished third overall. In four months, I ran a total distance of 1300 km. I went through four pairs of trainers!

Did you have much support from your colleagues?

Yes of course! I am grateful to them all, especially Georgina for helping me with my hardest sessions, and Massimo who helped with my legs and “myofascial release technique".

Was it a fundraising endeavour, a personal challenge, or both?

I was fundraising for NSPCC. They are a great charity who help children with family problems. Thanks again to everyone who sponsored me!

Was there a point in the race where you thought you’d give up? What made you persevere?

It was a very difficult race because a group of 3 runners started very fast, probably too fast . In fact, they didn't finish the race! Our chasing group spent a lot of energy trying to follow them, so after 60km I was already fourth but my legs became stiff and jelly like - at the same time!

I didn’t give up because I knew I'd have my peperoni pizza and cold beer at the finish line! Only joking. The spirit and atmosphere of these extreme races can unearth motivation and energy when you don’t think you have any left. The human body and human brain is is incredible!! WE CAN FIND ENERGY WHEN WE THINK WE HAVE NOTHING LEFT. You just need to be focused, believe in yourself and just put one foot in front of the other and the MIRACLE will come!

Is the above persevering tactic something you apply to everyday life?

Yes. Also, be happy, live simple, keep passion alive and inspire the new generation!

Would you do it again?

Yes but not this one! I will try to raise the bar and finish my first 100 miles running race!

What is your next big challenge? 

First of all be a good Dad - I will be Dad in October so I need to learn how to change nappies soon!

I am also planning to break the Guinness World Record of 'the greatest distance run on treadmill in 12 hours'! The current record is 132.9 km by Jonathan Kinder (UK) and I am sure Nuffield and LBS could help me and support me to achieve my hardest challenge! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

Thanks Ricky - really inspiring! If you have something to share or would like to contribute to Life@LBS - email us!