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Rebecca Court, Faculty Support Manager

By Rachel Harper

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing a few of the stories of how LBS has helped different members of the School community to find their voice. First is Rebecca Court, sharing the story of how LBS helped her to find her voice as an employee and a mum.

Please tell us a little about your current role...

I am a Faculty Support Manager in the Research and Faculty Office. I do this role as part of a job share and I am very lucky to share this role with Rachel Ramsey - it is great working with her, I have learnt a lot from her and as we have different strengths we work happily together. It is a varied role but some of the things we are responsible for include organising committee meetings (including Faculty Board and Management Board), organising the Teaching Awards, Excellence in Teaching Awards and the Honorary Awards, faculty Professional Development, immigration issues and subject area reviews.

And a little about your career prior to LBS…

In 2016 when I first started working at LBS I had been out of the labour market for four years as I had been lucky enough to be able to take this time out of work after my son was born. Before this I had been working in Spain for four years. I knew that getting back into the UK labour market after such a long break was going to be difficult and the job I did in Spain was in a field I really didn’t want to get back into.

How has LBS helped you to find your voice?

I will always be grateful to LBS for giving me a chance to have an interview when I applied for the role, despite not being perhaps an obvious candidate, for letting me get my foot back in the door of a career again and for giving me the opportunity to work part time so I can still enjoy time with my son. After I had been working here a year my son started school and I spoke to my line manager about changing my hours to help with school pick ups and again they were willing to be flexible which has helped me out enormously.  

What are your future plans?

I have enjoyed attending the development courses offered by the School to bring my knowledge base more up to date. I am not thinking of leaving but I know that when the time comes, it will be so much easier for me to find another job. LBS has helped me bridge my career gap and has given me a voice as an employee and a mum.

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