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“Professional challenges are universal” – Mark Disley

Our first mentoring programme started last year and over 140 people have taken part as either a mentor or a mentee. The programme will reopen on 17 March to new participants, who would like to become a mentor or a mentee.

Mark Disley is a Data & Reporting Architect, working as part of our Operations team. He has been a mentor to Avgi Chatzimpalioti in DECC for the last year.
Why did you choose to be a mentor?
I get a lot of satisfaction helping others achieve their goals. Even though I’ve been coaching colleagues informally throughout my career, I’d never been involved in a formal mentoring scheme. The programme has given me a chance to give something back to the LBS community.
What has been your experience so far?
I’ve found the programme to be extremely rewarding and a great learning experience.
What have you gained from the mentor/mentee relationship?
I've probably learned more from my mentee than they have from me! Being involved in the programme has:
  • Given me a far greater understanding and appreciation of another part of the School and how their work leads to a first-class experience for our students
  • Made me realise that regardless of role, many of the challenges we experience as professionals are universal. Being able to share those experiences and our approaches to those challenges has been immensely beneficial.
  • Made me revisit my approach to my own personal development (and the importance of giving it structure).
  • Made me a better listener (I hope).
Why would you recommend the scheme to others?
Absolutely, it’s a great experience and a tremendous opportunity for personal development.
Anything else you’d like to say about your experience?
I just want to thank Learning and Development Team for all their hard work putting the programme together. For those thinking about participating in the programme, like anything else the more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it.