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Peter Johnson, Senior MiF Admissions Manager

By Rachel Harper

In the second in our ‘finding your voice’ series, Senior MiF Admissions Manager,  Peter Johnson reflects on thirty years with the School and how LBS has given him space to speak out on LGBTQ issues.

30 years with LBS is an amazing achievement, you must have seen a lot of changes?

The start of my 30th year at LBS has been a time for reflection for me.  I remember when I started I thought it would be a good place to work for a couple of years and would certainly add weight to my CV (I drifted through a lot of very different jobs in my 20s...)  Many things have changed – the School is much, much bigger – for example, when I started in the IT team there were just eight of us and our next door neighbours – what is now the Career Centre – had two staff!  The academic impact of what we do has remained a constant – as is our international diversity.

What are your personal highlights or favourite moments?

Great students, great colleagues – and some pretty epic parties.

What do you enjoy most about working at the School?

LBS has been an integral part of my life for so long it’s hard to imagine a working existence outside!  Like many others have said, I value most the opportunity to work alongside – and be supported and challenged by - my colleagues (and I include staff, faculty, students, alumni...) Working on the MiF project almost since its inception in 1993 has given me enormous intellectual satisfaction and quite a few sleepless nights...

How has LBS helped you to find your voice?

22 years ago I was one of the founders of what has evolved into the Out in Business Club.  From very humble beginnings – a few of us meeting in a Soho bar called “The Yard” - it has evolved into one of the most important clubs on Campus and LBS is viewed as in the top tier of LGBTQ-friendly Business Schools – certainly No 1 in Europe. I am especially proud of the EurOUT Conference – which has gone from strength to strength over the last few years.  It certainly is a great exemplar of our profound impact on the way the world does business. And we are already working hard on the next one which takes place 16 – 17 November at the Tower Bridge Hilton.  There are a lot of sponsors to engage and a lot of speakers to recruit.

As an out gay man I would like to highlight how comfortable I am at LBS and how much I have been able to speak out with my LGBTQ voice.

Be part of the conversation – send the story of how LBS has helped you to find your voice to Dean Francois by email (subject line FYV).