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Our people – LBS Design team

Have you ever wondered who designs and commissions the photography and graphics around the School, as well as looking after our brand guidelines? Meet our fantastic design team! Here they discuss the brand relaunch that they have been pivotal towards, how you can access resources you might not know existed and of course, some totally useless facts about themselves...

Who’s who? From left to right:

Standing: MB: Mateusz Baj – Photographer, SK: Sandra Keating - Picture Editor

Seated: AP: Anna Pawlak – Graphic Designer, SR: Steve Russell – Senior Designer, RP: Rosheen Peiris – Graphic Designer

Not in shot: Matt Thomas, Designer (currently on study leave until mid-June, developing his UI skills).

What does the design team do?

SR: We work on the School’s visual identity – creating visuals for print, online and events. We also produce, commission and share infographics and photography, and are guardians of the brand and guidelines.

We’re lucky enough to work with people from every part of the School. The bulk of our projects are for Advancement, DECC, Executive Education, Faculty and the Research Centres, with a long tail including Merchandise, IT and Operations. When Matt Thomas and I started in May 2015 we reset the Content team job counter to 0001. It now stands at 7200!

RP: We work with faculty to promote the latest research insights, event vinyls for our celebrations, adverts for the FT and infographics promoting our programmes to current and potential participants at LBS.

The design team played an instrumental role in the brand relaunch. Can you tell us a bit more about the project, why it’s important and where you are currently with this important piece of work?

RP: Over the years our brand had evolved and we had a lot to say about LBS, but the message was getting diluted by too much information. The brand relaunch is integral to creating a clear engaging and inspiring message.

  • Photography that tells real stories of what our alumni and participants have achieved at the School
  • Our colour palette and fonts are now more consistent and identifiable as LBS
  • Coherent messaging that speaks about our values and aspirations
  • We did an enormous amount of work updating all of our assets. It was a great opportunity to tidy up anything that was out-of-date or off-brand and find better ways of working.

SR: There was a mismatch between the School’s pre-eminent position as a world-leading business school and our brand. This became glaringly apparent at the start of the project to rebuild the Executive Education website and we had to play catch up to bring our visual identity up to scratch.

We worked with Rufus Leonard, our brand consultancy to develop the new brand alongside the web relaunch. This synergy made both projects stronger by helping us to rigorously test visual development work on a live project. We reviewed and reskinned most of our top-level collateral for the launch and now we’re working through our other communications as the yearly work cycle unfolds.

One of the really useful resources the School has is BrandHub. How can people access BrandHub and what can they do once they are there?

SR: BrandHub is a fantastic resource. Over the last six months, Sandra and Mateusz have done a great job in developing and sharing the photography available. It makes it possible for us to do our day-to-day job creating visual assets, by storing and sharing our photography and assets in a secure, searchable cloud-based repository.

There is yet more scope to use it to help the School tell its stories. We’re working on updating collections of imagery and assets, extending asset types like stories and audio, and we want to share user tips more widely.

RP: It’s a great resource for finding relevant and up-to-date assets and can be accessed through Portal. All assets are stored in a central location and tagged with keywords and categories. Relevant people and locations are named making it so easy to find what we need. It also gives us the opportunity to crop and resize images without needing special software, so everyone in the school can use it.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

RP:  I enjoy the variety of projects. LBS is constantly coming up with new innovative projects such as working with faculty to promote new research findings. There are always new initiatives around the School, so it keeps my creative mind constantly busy!

MB: The best thing about being a photographer is meeting many people. Nearly every session brings inspiring conversations with inspiring people. 

SK: Having come from the creative industries, I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoy how interesting and engaging the content of our work is. I enjoy working as part of a team helping to create and curate photographic content to tell a story and communicate a strong brand essence at such a pivotal time for LBS.

SR: I really enjoy engaging with content and process, whether it’s designing marketing and thought leadership material, art directing photography, or working on workflow and delivery – BrandHub for example.

What do you like most about working at the School?

MB: I really love how Marcomms works as a team.  It was really visible when we were working on the new brand for the School.

SK: The diversity of people and skill-sets within Marcomms and throughout the school as a whole is very inspiring. I feel part of a global culture. The sharing and learning is open; the people and working environment is kind, supportive and refreshing.

SR: The MarComms team! Plus the diversity of people we collaborate with and the material we get to work on.

RP: Everyone has different skills and background knowledge in their area of specialism. There’s always an opportunity to learn from others.

Can you tell us a quirky fact about yourself?

AP: [Claims to have no quirks]

RP:  I had a pet Giant African Snail. They have a lot more teeth than expected!

SK: I hug trees!

MB: I have an onion phobia. I find them repulsive!

SR: I appear as Archer #28 (uncredited) in the 2013 film “Jack the Giant Slayer” with Ewan MacGregor, Stanley Tucci and Ian McShane. I spent three summer weeks at Longcross Studios being directed by Bryan Singer and Peter Jackson, but blink and you’ll miss me.