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Olly Nguyen, SA President Elect

1. Congratulations on being elected President of the Student Association. How did you get involved?
Thanks! I’m really honoured to have been elected, and I’m excited about the work ahead. For those of you who don’t want to read to the end, tl;dr – the School’s entering an exciting new era and the SA ExCo should be leading the community in rallying around LBS.

About me – I’ve been involved in the Student Association Executive Committee (SA ExCo) as the Jr PR and Comms officer in the year just gone. That role involved producing the weekly student bulletins, as well as designing the comms for some of the major events like Tattoo and Cranfield. In addition, I was one of the co-Chairs of the Net Impact Conference which grew by almost 200%, volunteered at Tattoo, and am a writer on the Daily Nash and the LBS student blog. Probably the last thing to mention, student activities-wise, is that I’m on the Out in Business club team which is crafting the White Party at the end of term… it’s going to be EPIC!
2. What are your primary goals for your term as President and how will you aim to achieve them?
I believe the SA ExCo has a crucial role to play as the glue that holds together the student experience here at LBS.  If I was going to apply a framework to what that student experience is, the following four elements make up the totality of the student experience: 1) Academics 2) Careers 3) Activities and sports and 4) Socialising.

My goals therefore are to ensure that as a team, we (the ExCo) are delivering the experience that the student body expects, along each of those dimensions. Furthermore, changes in the physical campus (the Sammy Ofer Centre), the advent of a new programme (the MFAs) and the search for a new Dean are just some of the new happenings that are going to shape the way LBS is seen in the next 50 years.
So in terms of achievement, it’s certainly going to take a lot of work, but I fundamentally believe that our success will be in setting the right foundations for future generations, not racing to change things this year simply because that’s our term of office.

3. How does one get involved with the Student Association, and what’s involved?
Important technicality – the Student Association is defined as all students who don’t otherwise opt out. So in essence getting involved in the student experience is getting involved with the Student Association.
To get involved with the Executive Committee, definitely reach out to us! What’s involved is highly dependent on the role, but ultimately everyone on the ExCo wants to further the LBS community, and keep it a great place to be a business student.

4. What's been your best #WhyILoveLBS moment?
Probably Tattoo 2016 – all of it. It was the culmination of a lot of blood, sweat and tears, and I think the payoff was the bonds between other members of the team, and witnessing a huge spectacle which is pretty much unique in the Business-school sphere. Building lifelong friendships and standing out from the crowd were precisely the two reasons I came to this place.

5. What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
Tough one! I’ve received so much good advice over the years. I’ve recently re-read the apocryphal GSB letter which is full of great advice (I really encourage reading it in full), but I’ll paraphrase the part which resonated most with me as: ‘We’re suddenly surrounded by great people, which can be unsettling and sometimes result in cynical fault-finding with everyone. Let go of that, and embrace the chance to truly get to know your classmates, and you’ll be far better for it.’