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Nick Deakin MBA2017, Co-Chair, EurOUT

By Lauren French

Nick is the SARI Foundation Scholar on the MBA 2017 programme at London Business School. He has worked as an advisor and consultant for McKinsey and Company; the Department of Health and as a visiting researcher at the International Consortium on Health Outcomes Measurement at Harvard Business School, in addition to working as a medical doctor in London.

On campus, Nick works with admissions as a Student Ambassador where he focuses on diversity inclusion initiatives. He is head of Sponsorship for the LBS Healthcare Club, where he leads relationships with top pharmaceutical and consulting firms. He is also Co-President of the Out In Business (OiB) Club. He is committed to fostering an open, inclusive and supportive environment for those from LGBT+ backgrounds studying at LBS.

To this end, he will be Co-Chairing EurOUT – Europe’s largest LGBT+ conference – held at the school on 18-20 November. In 2016, this will bring together 35 companies; more than 40 speakers including CEOs and the Prime Minister of Luxembourg and 250 students from 25 leading global business schools and universities.

1. You’re now in the second year of your MBA – what was the highlight of your first year?

The highlight of the year was undoubtedly the Out In Business White Party. Rallying together 700 of my favourite people into the world’s most famous gay nightclub for an evening of glitter, confetti cannons, balloons and fabulous performances from the rugby/football teams (and even OiB in spandex) was just phenomenal. So good in fact, that we’ve already secured the venue this year.

2. You’re Co-President of the School’s Out in Business Club and you’re Co-Chair of the EurOUT conference – tell us a little bit more about it...

Out In Business exists to represent LGBT+ students and allies at LBS - promoting diversity at LBS, raising awareness of the LGBT+ community and linking members to forward thinking businesses. We’re delighted to have over 12 corporate partners this year who we run events with. EurOUT is our flagship conference which brings together 35 companies, 250+ students from around 25 global business schools (including our US peer schools for the first time) and 50 speakers - including the Prime Minister of Luxembourg and the first Conservative out peer in the House of Lords.

3. What made you choose business school? More specifically, what made you choose LBS?

My very first impression of this world-class business school, on my doorstep, was that LBS celebrates difference and would allow me to build a truly global network grounded in London - this is pretty hard to beat! Given my background working as a medical doctor, I wanted the general management training that LBS offers - and I knew that it would be the best place for me to develop as an authentic leader.

4. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

My old school motto stays with me:- ‘Fideleter et fortiter.’ Stay faithful to your roots; and be strong in your pursuit of greatness. Don’t forget those who believed in you - and pay this forward to others, showing that you believe in them.

5. What do you do for fun?

I love strolling around London and exploring historic sites around every corner. I’m a pretty regular theatre/opera/dance goer - and I’m not adverse to a little clubbing either.

6. How do you personally define a “good life” or a “successful life”

A good life is one with both professional and personal fulfilment. For me, this will involve balancing having impact in healthcare with helping support the next generation - particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds or who don’t fit the ‘business’ mould - to get on.

7. Where is your favourite spot on campus and why?

On the recommendation of Peter Johnson, from admissions, I always take prospects to the benches on the front lawn, and look back at the school. The view is still as enchanting as the first time I looked up there!

8. Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?

Well, I’d absolutely love to dine with Theresa May and Margaret Thatcher as the female UK PM’s; and probably Winston Churchill too for good measure. I’d add Josiah Wedgwood - the china maker and pioneer of direct marketing back in the 1700s - and probably Aneurin Bevan - who founded the NHS - along with Alex Gorsky from J&J.

9. If you had the power to solve only one problem in the world, what would it be and why?

This has to be around social mobility and celebration of difference. I see no reason why women, those who identify as LGBT+ and those who have pulled themselves out of disadvantaged backgrounds should have to triple justify their seat at the table which others think they are automatically entitled to - whether the people be in the UK or, even more so, in less progressive countries. I’m so pleased we have in the new Education Secretary, Justine Greening, both an LBS alumnus and someone who went to state school.

10. What are the top three things on your bucket list?

There’s so much and so little time now I’m in second year. I guess highlights will be the Hong Kong GBE, the Middle East Club World Government Summit Trek and the LGBT+ world Presidents meeting in Chicago…

Thanks Nick! Find out more about EurOUT and book tickets here.