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Meet the team: Business Readiness

Meet the team that is helping us to manage some of the many changes that are taking place within the School.

What does the Business Readiness team do?

Kim (Senior Business Readiness Manager): Working with our colleagues in Delivery Assurance and across the School we develop strategies that help people transition from a current state (what happens now) to a future state (what happens in the future). This most often relates to technology changes but the training and principles apply to lots of different situations.

Our team is:

Dan and Jonaid - IT Trainers: responsible for training new staff on existing systems and existing staff on new systems. They offer classroom training, remote (Skype) and 1-2-1 consultations for the School’s IT Systems and Applications. They make sure that the training needs are identified throughout technology projects and that they are covered through upskilling and learning.

Simon and Shrena - Business Readiness Managers: help people manage times of change. When a new project starts, they work with people across the School to establish who's impacted by the change and to plan a smooth transition. Our aim is to make sure that the change is adopted and embeds into the business area successfully.

What is the most enjoyable part of your role?

Dan: The best part is knowing that the staff we have just trained are going straight back to their desks and using the systems. It’s good to help people progress with technology.

Jonaid: I enjoy helping people learn systems and knowing that I made a difference. My job allows me to meet new staff members and learn from their experiences.

Simon: At the end of a project when I can look back and see that all the hard work has made a real difference to people - that's a good feeling. Also getting the chance to meet and work with so many different people at LBS.

Shrena: I love working with people all across the School. Because no two projects are the same, I get the opportunity to work with different people all the time and learn about all the different functions of the business.

Kim: Business Readiness is all about making a difference for people as they transition to a new future; we can help make a real difference to people's experience of a new way of working. We work on a variety of projects and with all parts of the School, so variety is a great part of the role as well.

What is the best thing about LBS?

Dan: LBS is a great place to work because of the sense of community and everyone you meet is willing to help.

Jonaid: LBS gives an excellent work/ life balance. I love the people I work with and I am proud of being part of LBS.

Simon: For me it's the opportunity to grow and improve. I started out as an IT Trainer, but now I'm in this role as a Business Readiness Manager. Getting that kind of opportunity isn't easily available elsewhere, so I'm really grateful to LBS for that.

Shrena: The culture - there's a ‘can-do’ spirit across the business and you can really feel it. Everyone is supportive and encouraging of trying new things, which keeps working here interesting and enjoyable.

Kim: Being new to the School, I'm still getting to know LBS but everyone I've met so far has been warm and welcoming.


What do you like to do outside of work?

Dan: I enjoying traveling the world. One of my aims in life is to visit every country! Other than that, eating out and playing with my dog!

Jonaid: I like trying new cuisines as I love food. I enjoy going to movies and socialising with friends.

Simon: I like a good game of football or squash, although I probably don't run as much as I should…also geeking out about Star Wars with Jonaid #HanShotFirst

Shrena I love to read, eat and travel!

Kim: I'm still learning about London and visiting new places is top of my list of things to do. There's so much to explore that I doubt I'll ever run out of new things to see and do!

And finally…

Simon: Technology changes empower people in new and exciting ways, but if the person using it doesn't think and feel good about the change it'll never work out.

Shrena: Change is constant and, as humans, we hate uncertainty. Change relies on people switching their behaviour so the argument for change must be compelling. This is why we're here - to help inspire people to believe in the same, to want the change and see the change through.

Contact the team to chat about change and training.