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Meet the Post Room team

The Post Room sits at the heart of the LBS campus – both literally and figuratively. Based in Northumberland House, the team’s efforts are essential to the smooth running of the School and they are also heavily involved in the annual Toy Drive. Life@LBS spoke to James Martin; the newest member of the team, who explains how they are preparing for the seasonal Christmas rush.

Starting with the basics – who works in the post room and what do they do?

I will start with my Team Leader Mourad whose primary role is to coordinate the day-to-day Post Room operations with Paulo and I supporting and undertaking those daily requirements. We work shifts between 07:00 and 17:30, Monday – Friday.

We manage all aspects of mailroom services from regular domestic mail to organising international couriers. Over the past twelve months, we processed 5,830 DHL shipments across all five continents; this itself required a great deal of interaction from the team on customs related issues both in the UK and overseas. Custom duties are always in question, but 99.9% of the time goods are released within 24 hours.   

Most people will be surprised to know that we are just a three man team. Our duties begin with deliveries and post rounds to Sammy Ofer Centre at 07:30 and then we follow through to Huntsworth Mews, Linhope Street, Taunton Place, Lorne Close and then return back to the main campus by around 08:45. This is repeated again at 14:30.  

What’s great about being in the team?

Mourad: I believe it’s the varied roles and responsibilities we assume throughout the day, every day. One moment we are undertaking admin duties and the next we are driving around Baker Street and Marylebone Road carrying out deliveries and collections from various sites, all while interacting with staff, students and faculty from all areas of the School community.

Paulo: Our role brings us into contact with ALL members of the School community and for me that is what’s great about the role.

What is your involvement with the LBS Toy Drive this year?

Abdullah: Thanks to your generous cash donations, every year, Sammy Engele and I go out shopping for specific toys based on age and gender, specified by the AMAZING Tina Clark.

At most, Sammy and I will make at least three trips to local Toys R Us stores to buy 700 plus toys for the local community, nurseries and centres. Having done this for so many years, negotiating discount with the store manager is a fun part of the process, but the success of it is always worthwhile.

Back at the main campus, the Porters and Post Room teams schedule their time to ensure toys are boxed and delivered on time to local venues including St Mary’s Hospital on Praed Street – where in 1928 penicillin, the first true antibiotic, was discovered by Alexander  Fleming –  in case you didn’t know that already!

Christmas is coming – this must mean extra work for you all?

Absolutely it does! It’s Christmas for some and ‘cry-mas’ for the post room.

How can the LBS community help you to manage all the extra parcels?

We are now asking all staff, faculty and students to use alternative delivery locations as per our latest announcement in Life@LBS, details below.

‘It is with great regret that the post room team is no longer able to accommodate the very high volumes of personal deliveries being directed to the School. It got a bit out of control over the past twelve months, where on average 994 personal packages got delivered to the post room each month. Alternative delivery options are highlighted below.’

What are you most looking forward to over the festive season?

Everything between December 22 2017 and January 2 2018!

We would like to say a huge thank you to staff and faculty who have shown us their full support over recent weeks and have now sought alternnative means of shopping that have less of an impact on the team.