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Meet the Porters and Post room teams

Introduce us to the team
We're a very diverse team representing four different continents and speaking twelve different languages between us. The team consists of two team leaders and eight operational staff. Starting with Omar (Bekhit), he manages six porters: Andrejus Kuzinas, Enrique Gonzalez, Hatim Ibrahim, Juma Fearon, Paolo Caiado and of course Victor Hernan Victovis. We then have Carlos Monedero who manages two post room assistants: Abla Senu and Mourad Abdellah Mourad Abes Abdelhafid.
What does the team do? 
The Post and Porters teams are at the root of all activities that take place on campus, as well as some high profile events that take place off site. We run a very busy operation, providing great service delivery 365 days a year, bar the nine day winter break (well no one’s perfect!)
Amongst our many tasks, we engage closely with programme managers, events teams and space planning on all service requirements relating to teaching, catering, projects and office moves - ensuring their requirements are accomplished and expectations are met.
Deliveries and mailing are also a huge part of the day-to-day work we are tasked with. The post room team are also kept particularly busy with processing several hundred international mail outs at any given time, with the added demanding deadlines relating to student offer packs, degree certificates and also shipping programme materials abroad for Executive Education and DPO programmes.
What are the best bits about the job/working at London Business School?
The nature of our job keeps us constantly engaged with all staff, students and faculty, which brings with it huge advantages. Plus we have the added advantage of being such a diverse team servicing a diverse community, it makes the whole experience of working at the school so much more engaging.
What are your biggest challenges?
Some of our biggest challenges are supporting students who have little to no experience in organising large events, so our advice and suggestions are always well received.
Also, second guessing vague events forms with little to no information can be challenging, but our biggest bug bear has to be the regular requests for tracking down parcels that haven’t yet been delivered to the School (along with pulling rabbits out of hats and mind reading).
What are your proudest moments or biggest successes?
One of our closest colleagues and a long serving members of staff was recently taken seriously ill. Our team and the School community really came together. It was a tremendous effort to ensure he felt supported, with his long term health and wellbeing being everyone's concern.
You’re a very busy team working across all areas on campus, any funny stories you can share?
Last year we received a report that feral cats had taken up residence in our loading bay. Upon hearing this the team took to tracking them down. After a number of days without much success the team took to checking the high level areas within a store room.
One team member, quite apprehensively, started climbing a step ladder while a few of us looked on. Just as he took the final step to the top a kitten popped its head out of a box causing our colleague to scream whilst frantically trying to climb back down the ladder. He caused a stamped as we all ran into each other trying to evacuate the store room at ninja speed. Proving we were are all really just a bunch of pussycats, just like our uninvited guests!