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Meet the new Student Association Officers!

The new Student Association Officer team for the 2019/20 academic year has been announced. Congratulations to the following students on their appointments!

Chief of Staff: Angela Stasinpolou

Incoming Students Officer: James Boudreau

PR and Communications Officer: Kelly Bo

Alumni Officer: Sophia Zachares

Social Affairs Officers: Gamze Seten and Ziba Sarikhani

Campus Operations Officers: Aastha Nagar and Taiki Miki

Sports and Clubs Officers: Frida Jansaker and Trishala Bothra

Sponsorship Officer: Fedile Kekana

Treasurers: Robert Brennecke, Frederika Pardoe, Santiago Fernandez and Jackie Wang

Programe Representatives: William Abihanna (MiM), Prasannajeet Mane (MAM), Viviana Loriato (MiFFT), Anna Kvasnikova (MFA) and Mark Hoyle (EMBA2021)