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Meet some of our Executive Education management team

Meet the Executive Education management team: Paul Smith, Helen Kerkentzes, David Brown, Adam Kingl and Sam Bown. 

Paul Smith, Chief Operating Officer

Paul has worked at London Business School for 13 years and has held four roles in this time. He is passionate about working in Executive Education in particular as he says: "it's a place where we connect faculty ideas to the business world in a very immediate and practical sense." 

As COO, he is responsible for all things finance, legal, analytics, resourcing and systems. Prior to LBS, Paul trained as an accountant and worked at Cadbury, Coca-Cola and the United Nations in Rome. He also lived in Australia for five years. 

In his spare time, he enjoys film, theatre and concerts. He is also a talented pianist and a keen runner with a half-marathon booked for spring. He also has a love for all things Spanish after living in Granada as a student, and returns as often as he can. 

Helen Kerkentzes, Executive Director, Customer Experience

Helen joined London Business School in 2012 and now heads the Customer Experience team within Executive Education. Previously she worked closely with the European Commission, Helenic government and Higher Education sector, supporting the development of careers centres and internship offices in higher education institutes across the country.

A self-confessed philosopher at heart, Helen studied Philosophy and Economics at the London School of Economics.

Outside of work, Helen is a passionate reader, gardener and dancer. 


Claire Hyde, Associate Director, HR

Claire joined London Business School four years ago on a maternity contract...and never left!

Her career started in hospitality and then she moved into luxury retail, working for various brands in HR in the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy Group for 10 years. She is a qualified coach with a passion for learning.

Outside of work, Claire loves to run for clear headspace. 


David Brown, Executive Director, Client Solutions

David is Executive Director of Client Solutions within Executive Education at London Business School. He has responsibility for transforming business development effectiveness for all Exec Ed Solutions: Open Enrollment, Flexible Open, Custom and Consortia.

Over the last few years David has been part of the leadership team that has transformed the business - creating a professional services firm anchored in an academic institution. Results have included very significant year on year revenue growth, improved profitability, larger deal sizes and a very high win rates combined with much greater impact for the client and consistently improved quality and experience for the individual and the business.

Adam Kingl, Executive Director of Thought-Leadership

A member of the School's Executive Education management team and board, Adam leads the function of product and service development, transforming faculty research into the most applicable, commercial products and services of the future. He contributes directly to the business development and design solutions to win our largest custom clients and act as the senior partner on projects. Adam consults, facilitates and teaches for our clients, events and programmes with groups of executives and top teams.


1. What would be your Executive Education ‘legacy’?

DB: Doubled revenues, a transformed rankings position and a reputation for Exec Ed in the industry. Individuals enabled to do their best work, become even better professionals, grow as individuals and who know they are contributing to making the world a better place.

CH: Working with Managers it would be the key talent that we have recruited in order for Executive Education to achieve its goals.

PS: I have been a part of the Executive Education transformation project to be ‘in a league of our own’ from beginning to end, spanning five years from 2011 to 2016. I have loved it! I would like to think that our success is delivering this change is a part of my legacy. Two things stand out for me… first, the progress we have made as an Executive Education team and second, delivering real business impact for our clients and over 40,000 participants across this period. 

HK: Having the courage to challenge the status quo and drive through changes that are beneficial to the people and the business.

2. What has been your greatest impact whilst being part of the Executive Education business?

DB: Helping individuals and teams succeed by enabling them to consistently focus on helping clients succeed in a way that works for participants, clients and the School.

CH: Partnering with the Management team to devise a one year People Plan that enables us to hire the best talent and to also develop the key skills and experience within the team.

PS: In Executive Education we have taken faculty ideas and research and applied them in the way that we run Executive Education, in a very practical sense. This is what we help our clients to do, so it’s great to have the opportunity to do this within the School itself. For example, we have taken faculty research on the importance of shared context in delivering strategic transformations and have built this into our own team. We call it ‘Our Story’ and it helps each team member to better understand the role they each play in running Executive Education. I can’t take any of the credit for this as it was the team themselves that built this shared context. I think this is quite hard to do this and together we have really done a great job.  

HK: I hope it has been in championing an open, honest and transparent way of working, as well as having the courage (and inspiring others) to speak their mind, share ideas, challenge habits and practice. 

AK: Facilitating two days with the Exco of Orica in Melbourne with Richard Hytner.  We helped them redefine the purpose of a 150-year old company that is more committed to making a positive impact on the communities in which they operate.   

3. What do you still hope to achieve in Executive Education at LBS?

DB: Double Executive Education revenues in the next five years; build even more large-scale, long-term client partnership; develop and deploy innovative solutions that enable us to deliver at an even greater scale, to help transform organisations and change the lives of millions.

CH: To continue resourcing and learning in a trailblazing way so that we can develop key skills, experience and enable succession within the team.

PS: We are in a year of experimentation – exploring new business ideas generated by the team, to help us set a new strategic direction. I hope to be able to take the outcomes and learnings from these experiments to help set and deliver a new and exciting plan from 2017. Exciting times! 

HK: I hope that together we are able to further enhance Executive Education’s at LBS global image and become a top world player in the industry, recognised for our innovative and impactful learning experiences that live far beyond the participant experience when on campus.

AK: I want to ensure that the research produced at the School reaches the greatest number of practitioners possible, and I’d like to contribute to translating that research into formats that are engaging, impactful, scalable and enjoyable.  I’m passionate about marrying the best of our ‘what’ (our content and research) with the best of our ‘how’ (cutting edge learning methods).