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Matt Collett, Head of Diversified Sectors

1. You are a Head of Diversified Sectors within the Employer Engagement Team in the Career Centre. That’s quite the title, can you tell us what you do?

We use the term ‘Diversified Sectors’ as collective term for a host of industries; covering everything from automotive to luxury goods, social impact, energy, healthcare, mining, FMCG, industrials and absolutely anything in-between. Our focus as a team is to develop relationships with organisations across these sectors, with a view to enhancing the depth and diversity of career opportunities for LBS students. As well as the UK, I also cover various geographies such as Asia Pacific and have done some development support in Dubai - increasing employer engagement overseas to cultivate international recruitment opportunities. Overall, the diversified sector industries make up approximately 20% of student destinations, so it’s important that we continue to grow our external engagement so that we can fully support the students who are looking to work in these fields.

2. What attracted you to this role?

I remain highly flattered to say that LBS found me. I was really motivated by the prospect of a completely new role and the impact I thought the team and I could have in helping deliver different and stimulating career opportunities. The international development element was totally in line with my experience and, having consistently operated across multiple sectors, I felt that I could add real value to the role. Of course, the LBS brand had a strong draw too. I’ve always worked in education and subsequently was well aware of the schools high profile, so to be approached by them was a real privilege.

3. What does your typical work day look like?

It depends on the time of year, but mostly days on campus can consist of meeting students, various business development activities, working across departments on collaborative initiatives, attending student club events and delivering presentations. I’ve also just come back from a development trip in Singapore; I always find it really interesting to take your work overseas and operate in a different working environment or culture.

4. What do you enjoy most about your job?

The opportunity to engage new companies who may not have worked with, or recruited from, LBS before. There’s a whole host of marvellous companies and absorbing job prospects out there, it’s a real pleasure to link our students to these and see the actual realisation of the value it can add to both parties.

5. What does being a part of the LBS community mean to you?

It’s an exceptional opportunity and a real privilege – it connects you to a global network of passionate professionals, industry influencers and future leaders. I really get the feeling that everyone who works, studies, teaches and contributes here wants to achieve, or help others achieve, greatness.

6. Where is your favourite place on campus?

My favourite place on campus is the front lawn. If the weather allows, I’ll always take visitors or hold meetings out there. It can be a peaceful haven or a hive of activity, but however I find it, it never fails to make me appreciate my surroundings. I also really enjoy some of the upper level boardrooms, particularly the art work that portrays the genesis of LBS – I think it not only shows the strength of our origins, but also allows us to reflect on how far we’ve come.

7. Where is your favourite holiday destination?

My favourite holidays are probably skiing or exploring cities - most recently we went to Iceland and didn’t want to leave. It’s an incredible place with some of the most dramatic scenery I’ve ever seen. I also went to Australia for the first time earlier this year and absolutely loved it – Melbourne especially. The perfect mix of sport, culture and stunning coastline easily make it one of the best places I’ve ever been.

8. What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

‘Accept what you cannot change and change what you cannot accept’. I find this adage an infinitely useful reality check and an ever-helpful tool for refocussing.

9. Do you have any good recommendations from living in London?

Explore! Walk on Hampstead Heath, have a few drinks in St Katherine’s Dock, BBQ on Clapham Common, go to see live music in Brixton, have a gin martini at Dukes Bar in Mayfair and just see the whole lot of it. The variety of entertainment, backdrops, venues, food and drink is second to none – so enjoy it.

10. Tell us something surprising about you…

Prior to joining LBS I would spend a great deal of time overseas on business – to pass some time on long-haul flights I started reviewing restaurants I had visited with clients, bars I’d been to with friends or the hotel I had just stayed in. Without really meaning to, I’ve managed to find myself in the top 3% of TripAdvisor’s global contributors…