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Marius Pinciu, Head Baker

Marius Pinciu, Head Baker, talks to Life@LBS about his passion for dough, festive cooking tips and the year’s busiest time for our catering team.

Tell us a bit about your job and what it involves?

My job starts from early morning, making bread from scratch with raw ingredients. I use traditional recipes that include the four-stage process of mixing, fermentation, proving and baking.

What part of the role do you enjoy most?

That is a difficult question because there is a lot I like about my current job. I enjoy the responsibility and precise approach which is necessary for me to deliver good products. Also, for me, it is watching the dough transform – from observing the fermentation (from inert dough and water to a soft dough) and then finally to baking it and seeing how the heat arrests the air bubbles in the crumbs and caramelises the crust. Plus, there is nothing like the heavenly wheat aromas that steam out of the oven.

What are your biggest challenges?

Fermentation! Knowing when your dough is perfectly ready to become bread. It is far too common for people to under-prove or over-prove their dough. This is what bakers work so hard for – the whole process of baking the dough at the right moment. 

This is a really busy time for the catering team. Tell us a bit more about what the festive season means for the team? 

Even if the festive season is busy and we have to bake more in a short amount of time, being organised and communicating with the team is the key to getting things done in time. 

What is your best LBS moment so far? 

The summer graduation 2017! It was magnificent! There were lots of people and, even though it was so busy, everyone managed to make the event a success.

Who is cooking your Christmas dinner this year? And do you have any festive cooking tips for us? 

As usual, it will be me cooking for my family. My advice is to plan, organise, relax and have fun enjoying the festive season. 

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party and what would you cook?

I would love to invite David Beckham for a dream dinner party because I love football and I admire him. I think I would cook a traditional soup in a bowl made out of sourdough.

Tell us something surprising about you. 

I have the strangest social gravity. People either absolutely love me, or cannot stand me at all. There is no middle ground.