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Making the most of it - top tips from the SA!

Shirsesh Bhaduri, MBA2018, Senior PR and Comms Officer

 “Your first year would be a real-life simulation of an optimization game with real consequences.

Staying true to your LBS application essays while exploring what else is out there is challenging.

Choose wisely 2019s!”



Jenny Cheng, MBA2018, Senior Sports and Clubs Officer

 "Have a contingency plan for getting yourself to and from snow trek...

Warning: may entail flying to Lyon and/or back to Edinburgh"





Renato Yamasaki Akaishi, MBA2018, Incoming Student Officer

 “Make your own experience. Do what you want, and not what you see others doing! I always say that there are three main pillars for the MBA and it is up to you to figure out how you will distribute your time.

Academics: after all, you came to LBS to learn something and LBS has some star professors, such as Ana Pavlova for corporate finance

Career: LBS provides a huge opportunity to talk to recruiters, be it structured, where recruiters come to school, or unstructured, where you use the LBS brand to reach out to people you are interested in working with. Besides that, there are the professional clubs who can support you

Social: you will have a lot of opportunities to socialize, within LBS, with London, with other Bschools – if you want to have some fun, you can find it any day of the week.”



Kara Brass, MBA2018, Senior Social Affairs Officer

 “Put yourself out there! Whether its attending a career session for an industry you know nothing about, trying a new sport or striking up a conversation with someone in the Nash who you've never met (or all three!), get outside your comfort zone.

LBS is a safe space where you can try new things without fear of judgement or failure. Go out of your way to meet as many people as possible.

Your network of peers will be one the greatest and most rewarding things you take away from LBS, so take advantage and don't be afraid to start conversations with classmates you haven't met before, across all programs.”