Liliana and Iryna - shop@LBSProfiles

Liliana and Iryna - shop@LBS

With the festive season upon us, there are some great deals on selected items at shop@LBS, the official LBS merchandise store in the Plowden Building. Let's meet shop staff Liliana and Iryna to find out more!

How long have you worked at shop@LBS?

Liliana: I’ve been working at the shop for two and a half years.

Iryna: I started in August last year so have been here for around a year and a half now.

What is your favourite festive item on sale?

Iryna: Definitely the Rocky teddy in blue. It is one of our best sellers too!

Liliana: Our Christmas bundle with the festive duck, Rocky teddy and the LBS bus of course!

What would be the best gift for under £30?

Liliana: I would definitely choose one of our on-the-go reusable cups. Either the Contigo mug or Chilly’s bottle in royal blue colour.

Iryna: I really love the handcrafted alumni mug with the Ratcliffe building illustration in light blue. They just look so personal and are a great gift.

How will you be spending Christmas day this year?

Iryna: I will be in London with my close family. Lots of festive eating and drinking!

Liliana: I will spend my first Christmas in the UK with my parents. It will be very different this year as we will be eating only Caribbean food! A first for my family.

What exciting things are happening in the shop in 2019?

Iryna: New product lines!

Liliana: ‘Back to School’ bundles will be available the new year. In addition, we will celebrate the first year of trading as shop@LBS in the summer, and are looking at new ranges to stock during 2019.