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LBS MBA nominated as Poets and Quants favourite of 2015

If this were a list of “MBAs Most Likely To Survive A Week In The Wilderness,” Daria Danilina would be on top. The Russian-born MBA from London Business School was attempting a three-month long hike of the Great Himalayan Trail when disaster struck. Literally. It was April 25, and a 7.8 magnitude smacked Nepal, leaving thousands dead and millions displaced.

Danilina was about 110 miles from the earthquake’s epicenter and only about 10 from the Mount Everest base where 12 mountaineers were killed in earthquake-triggered avalanches. After the earthquake, the 23-year-old was faced with the decision to turn around about a week into her trek or risk a very unknown and potentially dangerous remainder of her hike.

It wasn’t easy, or quick, but Danilina eventually made it out of the country and is now in her first year in the full-time MBA program at London Business School.

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