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LBS Community Toy Drive Committee

With the 2018 Community Toy Drive coming to a close, let's meet the team that has successfully delivered this year's campaign...

2018 Community Toy Drive Committee (left to right): AS: Antoine Soulard - Recruitment Events Officer, CS: Carla Scopece - Programme Consultant, Executive Education, EH: Elisabeth Hajicek - Marketing Subject Area Manager, ML: Madeleine Law - Assistant Director, Faculty HR, SG: Shakirat Giwa - Recruitment Events Manager.

How long have you been at LBS? 

ML: Six and a half years – I came as maternity cover for my colleague Sian Smith. Sian has had 2 babies and returned to work each time and I’m still here too!

EH: Eight years.

AS: For about six months.

SG: Three years.

CS: I started last March, so I'm still quite new!

Briefly describe your roles at LBS… 

SG: I deliver events on campus, in London and internationally which provide prospective students with all the information they need as they explore our degree programmes.

ML: I work in the Research and Faculty Office heading up the HR team for faculty at LBS with Sian Smith.

CS: I work as Programme consultant for the Executive Education open programmes portfolio, and manage the recruitment of participants who want to attend the programmes. My team works very closely with the marketing team to promote programmes that are not selling so well and also with Programme Directors and faculties to improve the programmes and the customer experience.

AS: I work in the Recruitment Events team, organising events around the world to recruit new students for our degree programmes.

EH: As Marketing Subject Area Manager I lead a team of three Faculty Assistants who support our faculty as course administrators for Marketing degree education courses. We also organise events, including academic conferences and a research seminar series throughout the year. I work closely with the Subject Area Chair in running the department, managing faculty recruitment and teaching planning. In short, I coordinate all departmental faculty activity and liaise with the wider school community on their behalf. 

What’s your single favourite thing about the LBS Toy Drive? 

EH: It has been fantastic to meet so many interesting and engaged colleagues who are happy to give their time and energy to help raise money for such a great cause.

ML: The generosity of staff, students and faculty at LBS – I think it’s fab! 

AS: Being able to bring joy to children around the local area.

SG: Another opportunity to give. It truly is more blessed to give than to receive.

CS: I wanted to be part of the Toy Drive to make the disadvantaged children of the community happy with toys and a great Christmas party. I also like meeting the communties and lots of people working at LBS. 

How will you be spending Christmas day this year? 

CS: This year, like every year, I will spend Christmas time with my family in the south of Italy.

ML: With four generations of my family – ages 4 to 94.

AS: With my family in Paris.

EH: With my two daughters. Despite being quite grown up, especially the younger one still really loves Christmas so it is still a special time to spend together.

SG: I’m actually not big on Christmas so no fuss for me. I don’t want to be doing my own cooking on the day though so I’ll probably visit friends.

What is the best Christmas present you’ve ever received?

AS: Lego Mindstorm when I was 10. I used it to build lots of inventions.

CS: I believe that the best presents people can receive are experiences, like flight tickets or activities that people can enjoy with their loved ones.

ML: The first one I remember getting - a blue and red tricycle when I was three and a half years old. 

SG: Money! In Nigeria, presents are not really exchanged but any adult who visits gives money to children and our house was quite popular. 

EH: I am with Shakirat on this: giving is better than receiving.