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Interview with the Fitness Centre team

Introduce us to the team:  

(L-R) Ricky Marino, Ali Maleki, Georgie Peachey, Vix Crumpton, Omar Labarta, Massimo Esposito, Arran Williams, Ania Sanzhar


What does the team do?

What don't we do within the fitness realm?! We cheer you up, we get you fit, and make you sweat. Your pain is our pleasure.


What are the best bits about the job/working at London Business School?  

You work in a community and really it feels like a family! You get to work closely with people and to see them progress. It's really rewarding when they take away our ideas to achieve their personal goals.


What are your proudest moments or biggest successes?

Seeing people achieve their goals. Obviously we'd love to give you the 'one' story, but there are so many members who have different goals: gaining weight (yes, it happens), losing weight, rehabilitation, and keeping fit. When you see all these people moving towards their goals it gives you great satisfaction.


Have you got any funny stories you can share?

Have you seen the YouTube videos of people's workouts in the gym? Or, rather, their interpretation of a workout is? We get to see these first hand! It's not everyone, but there are a few..


Thanks, Fitness Centre team! We'll be sure to stop using the aerobic blocks as make-shift dumbbells in future..


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