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Highlights from #generationE

  • You’re co-chair on the #GenerationE Entrepreneurship, Tech and Media Summit team. Why did you want to get involved?

Having worked for a tech company before, I am very passionate about the sector as well as entrepreneurship in general. There is a lot of misconception about what it is really like to work for a start-up and I wanted to give our community the opportunity to hear first hand from people who have been at the forefront. The Entrepreneurship Club (aka eClub - sign up via Campusgroups!) is eager to open the doors to the start-up community outside of LBS to work together on building awesome stuff - the conference was a good way to start this conversation.
  • What did you take away from the discussions?

All of the entrepreneurs at the event spoke about taking risks. I think it’s very important not to be afraid to step away from the conventional path and follow your heart. Hearing the advice of people who have done that made me feel inspired and encouraged to keep working on things I am passionate about.
  • What was your highlight of the day?

I really enjoyed the talk by Rabin Yaghoubi from babylon health about innovation in the healthcare sector.  Smartphones are now the default way for people in developing countries to access financial services. A similar way to deliver healthcare services will improve the quality of life for many people, which I am really excited about! 
  • Can you share your top tips from running the conference?

Hire an amazing team, start planning early, go out there and tell the world what you’re up to! Reach out to people at LBS who have experience running events and ask for their advise. Think about your mission and what you’re trying to achieve - having a clear and concise “elevator pitch” will get speakers and external partners onboard. 
Can I just take this opportunity to also say a special thanks to the LBS Photography Club for capturing the magic of the day!
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