“Having a mentor has given me a new perspective” - Russell Henley

Our first mentoring programme started last year and over 140 people have taken part as either a mentor or a mentee. The programme will reopen on 17 March to new participants, who would like to become a mentor or a mentee.

Russell Henley is a Bid Executive in the Executive Education Custom Solutions team. His mentor is Diana Favier, Associate Director, Assessment & Wellbeing Services in DECC.



 Why did you choose to be a mentee?

I chose to be mentee to try and gain a new perspective and get impartial feedback from some outside of my immediate working environment, who can give insight without the pressures of the day-to-day work and provide a chance to step back and reflect.

What has been your experience so far?
It has been a fantastic experience, not only in terms of the insight they have provided from their own careers and time at LBS, but also broadening my understanding and knowledge of different areas LBS outside of my own department. While the tools and structures are there to help begin the relationship, it has become much more informal and a chance to discuss challenges and opportunities in our own work.

What have you gained from the mentor/mentee relationship?
I have gained a much greater understand of LBS as my mentor is from a different department. It is always great to have someone who I can bounce ideas around with who can give a unique and new perspective drawing on their own experiences and career.

Why would you recommend the scheme to others?
I would highly recommend to everyone who wants to make the most of their time at LBS. It is a great opportunity to not only develop skills and knowledge but also build connections across the school.

Anything else you’d like to say about your experience?
I would highly recommend it everyone, it has been really helpful to have someone, (who is different to my line-manager) to discuss work in a more informal setting. I would always recommend doing so over a coffee!