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Harrison Froeschke - MiM Programme Representative 2018/19

With the student Programme Representatives settling into their elected roles, let's meet the new MiM rep Harrison Froeschke...

Briefly describe your journey to enrolling at London Business School...
During my time studying computer science and doing research at Texas A&M, I realised that being a software developer was not really a career path that I wanted to pursue. Through my work as a research consultant, I saw myself drawn more towards the business side of the tech world, and began looking at business masters programmes.

While looking for programmes, I reached out to a guy who was in the same organisation as me at University who got his MiM at LBS, Preston Bloskas, for advice on where to apply and how to be a good candidate for business school. Through our conversation, he began to tell me of all the great experiences he had at LBS and how I should apply!

After looking into the programme, I realised it was not only a fantastic school, but that it was also much better than the schools in the US for placements in the tech field. After sending out all my applications to Masters programmes and attending interviews, I made the decision that my top choice was LBS. I woke up on a typical school day at my house and checked my email to see that I had been accepted to LBS, then I ran downstairs to tell all of my roommates! After I graduated, I packed up my belongings and moved almost halfway across the world to come to school here!

What made you apply to become a programme rep?
When I first saw the position of programme rep, I did not really want to apply to the position at all. I thought it would be a role that could be a lot of work and one that is sought after just to have something cool underneath your additional information section on your CV. Throughout the first few weeks of the programme though, I began to meet people from all over the globe in the MiM who were from very different backgrounds than my own. Despite growing up in a place with minimal international exposure, I quickly began to become friends with many people. My view on the programme rep began to shift from one of work and prestige to a position where I could bring different views together to improve the programme. After asking a few friends and getting good feedback, I decided to apply and ended up getting the position!

What are you aiming to achieve in the post?
My main aim in the post is to make sure that everyone's experience in the MiM is positive and that they can learn what they need to be successful in their careers post-LBS. With a recent restructuring to the programme, I want to be a point of contact for the programme office to talk through issues that come up and be clear about the problems my classmates are experiencing. In addition, I hope to be a person that others feel comfortable talking to about their time here in case they need help.

Away from studies and newly-appointed responsibilities, where do you like to spend most of your time?
Whether it be cooking dinner with my Study Group, watching a Chelsea match, taking a group to try the London version of Texan Barbecue or talking about life over a meal, I am most often with friends and making new ones. Keeping up both my mental and physical health is also quite important to me, so I make sure to stay fit at the gym and read the news and books. I have also become really interested in web scraping after talking to my roommate Felix, so I have been learning a lot about how to do that recently.

I am also a pretty big fan of Youtube and Hearthstone, so in my free time when I am not doing any of the above I am most likely on them.

If you could invite five celebrities to a dinner party, who would they be and why?
Gordon Ramsay, my favourite chef; Donald Glover, one of my favorite rappers and actors; Casey Neistat, my favourite Youtuber and filmmaker; Bill Gates, to hear about his life; and Ellen Degeneres, since I think she is hilarious.

Tell us something surprising about yourself...
While I was a foreign exchange student in Japan, I got top 10 on an arcade game without speaking any Japanese at all.