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Evan Connell MBA 2019 - President of the Student Association

Congratulations on being elected President of the Student Association. How did you get involved?

Thanks! Before coming to LBS I had a strong interest in getting involved with the Student Association (SA) given its unique position of overseeing the diverse set of events that clubs and sports organise each year. Last autumn, I applied for the role of Junior Treasurer and have had a chance to get heavily involved in the weekly finance needs of clubs and sports on campus. Further as a member of the broader SA team, I’ve played an active role in weekly meetings to better understand the student body’s needs and propose solutions for key issues raised.

What are your primary goals for your term as President and how will you aim to achieve them?

Over the next year, I plan to focus on two main objectives, enhancing the student experience through increased collaboration and coordination as well as promoting cross-programme connections to broaden personal and professional networks.

With respect to the student experience, the Student Association and I plan to work with students, faculty, and staff to increase coordination and planning of events to maximize their impact on campus by ensuring everyone receives the adequate support they need. Further, we are currently reviewing the feedback received in the SA Student Experience survey to identify any pain points in the student experience across all programmes. Once we have identified and prioritised these areas, we will work with the relevant stakeholders across the School to develop balanced, practical solutions.

In terms of driving cross-programme relationships, we plan to build upon initiatives started this year to give students an opportunity to make connections with individuals outside of their programme. The biggest area of focus will be on the LBS Families initiative which groups students from different LBS programmes together and encourages them to set up dinners and other informal meet-ups. We’ll be holding a formal kick-off for this in early autumn once everyone is back on campus.

How does one get involved with the Student Association, and what’s involved? 

Getting involved is easy! With all the different initiatives and events we have planned for the upcoming year we’re always looking for more help. Whether it’s signing up for one of the planning committees for major events like Tattoo or getting involved more formally through applications for Junior Officer positions in the autumn term, students have the chance to connect in numerous ways with the Student Association.

Roles on the SA involve coordinating with students, faculty and staff on a regular basis. We work with each of these key stakeholder groups to understand their needs and connect the right people together. It’s a great opportunity to build new connections across the LBS community and improve the student experiences for future classes to come!

What's been your best LBS moment so far?

My best LBS moment so far was Tattoo. The diversity of the LBS student body is what makes it such a special place, and Tattoo is a perfect celebration of that diversity. I loved getting a chance to try the various foods from around the world and watch students showcasing their dance skills as they performed routines from their home countries. Capping the evening off with an incredible lightshow surrounded by my schoolmates was an amazing way to finish off the event.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Keep an open mind! Trying new things, hearing new perspectives and pushing your boundaries are the best ways to grow personally and professionally. LBS provides an unparalleled opportunity to do all of these things and I’ve been trying to take full advantage during my time here!