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Emily Christou - Alumni Relations Manager, Clubs & Events

LBS' alumni network spans the globe, but what you might not know about is the vast amount of clubs that exist within this network. We caught up with Emily Christou, whose role it is to manage relations with these clubs to help bring together alumni from all over the world...

How has your career journey brought you to LBS?
I moved here from Canada eight years ago to study for a master's degree in London and I never left! My career journey started in the public art gallery sector, organising creative education programmes for the community and harder to engage audiences. However, a slight detour to Oxford whilst my husband studied Medicine, led me to the world of higher education. I worked both for the University of Oxford and the Rhodes Trust, an international scholarship organisation, where I organised events, conferences and programmes for students and alumni around the world. Returning to London this summer I was absolutely thrilled to join LBS and work with such an international and distinguished community of alumni.

Describe your day-to-day role at LBS…
I look after the School's international network of alumni clubs. We have so many fantastic volunteers around the world who take time out of their busy schedules to bring together the LBS community in their local areas. Most of my day is spent communicating with our club leaders and supporting them in their efforts. An important part of my job will be looking into how we can make the alumni experience even better by helping to evaluate and re-address some of our alumni club processes and organising events and gatherings for our volunteers and the wider alumni community. 

What has been the early highlight of your time here?
Worldwide Alumni Celebration (WAC) of course! Starting at LBS over the summer, as the organisation for WAC was gearing up, has meant that I have been able to jump right into things, working with and meeting our amazing club leaders, faculty and staff, and joining the celebration. There have been more than 85 events (and counting) around the world thanks to our volunteer organisers. Working with them to ensure their event is a success, and the alumni feel connected to the School has been a wonderful experience. Every WAC is unique, from a couple alumni having a drink together in a pub, a family picnic in a park, or a boat cruise; to sports car test driving, networking receptions in embassies, and talks from invited guests and our very own faculty members. It's been really fun seeing the photos come into my inbox every day.

Outside of work, you’ll find me…
Swing dancing! I've danced my whole life but was only introduced to swing dancing since moving to London. It's such a fun and social thing to do, and who doesn't love the music? I also happened to meet my husband swing dancing so it's something we enjoy doing together in our free time.

If you could be sat between two celebrities on a long haul flight, who would they be and why? Nick Offerman and Aubrey Plaza so I could binge on the real-life version of Parks and Recreation.

Do you have any hidden talents or surprising facts?
Gift wrapping presents. I take it surprisingly seriously.