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Emil Mladenov

By Rachel Harper

Emil Mladenov has been with the School for three years, is a qualified chef, a student of computer science and supports teams within the Campus Services department. He is pictured above with a hawk that the team has been using to control Taunton's pigeon population.

Emil – please tell us a little about your role...

I work in Quality Assurance and I support all of the teams in Campus Services. It's my job to make sure that all School visitors have an outstanding experience and a great time. 

What is happening with your teams over the summer?

From 18 July the Catering, Fitness Centre, Library Helpdesk, Gift Shop, Welcome desk and Hotel and Space Management teams will all be operating reduced hours as the School is quieter for summer.  

Read full details of the summer opening hours here.

Does this mean no porters?

No - service teams such as Porters, Security, Cleaning and Maintenance will continue to operate as usual. 

What does your typical work day look like?

No day is typical for me – every one is different. My work revolves around School events both expected and unexpected. Once a cat gave birth in one of our loading bays - the kittens got loose and I spent a morning chasing them! On other days I spend time covering reception and/ or the gift shop. When I'm not doing this, I spend time working on projects to enhance customer experiences.

What is your favourite LBS moment?

I like congregation – it's my third one this year. I like seeing all the students with their parents, happy and proud and knowing that everyone in the School has been a part of their experience.

Where is your favourite place on campus?

It's the third floor library in Taunton. I am a part time Computer Science student and I like working up there as there is a very good hardworking atmosphere.

Tell us something surprising about you…

I am a professionally qualified chef.

Thanks Emil and have a great summer...