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Dr Akshay Garg – MBA 2019 & Senior Ops Officer of the Student Association

Congratulations on winning the Bain Impact awards, how does it feel to be recognised in this way by your peers?
Thank you! It’s an absolute honour to be recognised by my peers and by the Bain & Co representatives. I’m very grateful to all of those who nominated me, thank you! I look forward to continuing to help improve the student experience at LBS next year as the Senior Ops Officer.
Tell us about the health-related recruitment and networking events that you organised, why did you feel they were important to run?
I feel that there is a growing interest in the healthcare space at LBS and that London is one of the best places to be if you’re interested in Health Tech & Innovation. There are just so many amazing startups out here, but this can actually pose a challenge in terms of recruitment as it can be hard to understand exactly what they do and if they’re hiring. This is especially so for those with an interest in healthcare, but with limited or no experience in it.
The purpose of the events was to connect students and alumni from across all programmes with selected startups to help with their networking and recruitment efforts. For each event, we invited between 12-15 startups to present their work and any projects, internships, and full-time roles they had available. This allowed the audience to learn about and meet many startups at once and then follow through with those they were interested in.
Tell us about your CV book, what inspired you to write it?
A CV book was collated following the events and sent to each startup that attended. It was a way to encourage the recruiters to reach out to students who they may not have had the opportunity to meet at the events.
You were commended by your peers for your work as Stream Academic Rep, where you created an anonymous advice tool for feedback to MBA programme office. Tell us what motivated you to do this and how you went about it?
Dan Grabiner and I were academic reps for Stream E and both had a great time helping out our fellow Euberginers!
After being elected we wanted to ensure that everyone could reach out to us about any issues they had. We recognised that sometimes people may want to remain anonymous, so I created an online tool that anyone could access via a simple link. It proved to be quite useful and we helped the other academic reps roll it out for their streams.
Tell us about your operations role in the Student Association, what has been your biggest challenge so far to date?
I had a lot of fun as the Junior Operations Officer for SA! It was a fantastic opportunity to represent the student voice in the many initiatives at LBS aimed at improving the digital and on-campus experience for students and alumni. I was particularly interested in improving the digital aspect and worked closely with the technology team on various projects such as the integrated calendar.
I’d say the biggest challenge so far has been leading the project to ensure the Student Association’s GDPR compliance. This required learning about data protection and how our existing processes had to be amended to ensure compliance, and then working with multiple stakeholders across the School, as well as the Legal team and our external service providers to execute the plans.
What are your priorities as the SA’s senior operations officer for the next academic year?
The technology team will be launching several exciting improvements to the digital infrastructure that I feel will really improve students’ online experience. I plan to continue working closely on these areas and bringing the student voice to the table. Additionally, I’ll be working to improve the functionality of CampusGroups (our platform for student clubs) so that we can empower club officers with the tools to increase engagement for their members including students, alumni, and external users.
What's been your best LBS moment so far?
There are a lot of great moments to choose from, but I’d say the best so far was the opportunity to go to No. 10 Downing Street for a consulting project with the UK Cabinet Office. It was an incredible experience that wouldn’t have been possible without LBS!