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David Tran and Lewis Eyre - Maintenance Supervisors

Ever wondered who takes responsibility for ensuring a seamlessly functioning campus that is freshly decorated, fully powered and fantastically furnished? Let's meet the two newest Maintenance Supervisors at LBS who help to make it all happen...

DT: David Tran - Maintenance Supervisor; LE: Lewis Eyre - Maintenance Supervisor.

Describe the journey to your current roles at LBS?

DT: I joined LBS in November 2017 as a shift team leader, after spending seven years working at the University of London. During the last year we have been faced with various challenges which I feel we have overcome and learnt a lot from. In November this year we were promoted to Maintenance Supervisors.

LE: After working in Australia for a few years, I returned to the UK and began working at the school just over three years ago in 2015 as an electrician within Campus Services & Developments. I then moved into the role of Maintenance Shift Leader in May last year and in November I became Maintenance Supervisor, working alongside Dave.

Which areas of LBS are you responsible for in your current roles?

LE: Everywhere! Myself and the team cover the entire Campus. We look after all mechanical, electrical, painting & decorating and carpentry works and everything in between in every building occupied by the school here in London.

DT: Lewis and I are responsible for a great team of maintenance engineers. Our primary role is maintaining all LBS buildings.

There are more than 10 buildings in total from Lorne Close all the way to Sammy Ofer Centre. Jobs can include temperature control, blocked toilets, lights out, no power, squeaky door hinges and repainting new rooms and areas. We receive over 200 jobs each month to attend to.

Which upcoming campus development excites you the most?

LE: The Collaborative Learning Classrooms project is nearing completion and will be in use after the Christmas break, I think this will be a great new area for students to use. Judging by what I have seen of the project so far, I think it will look amazing.

DT: The takeover of Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) Nuffield Hall. We have attended the School Meetings there on many occasions and at a glance the building is very impressive. It will be great to walk round the whole building to see the history of it, the areas we have to maintain and the exciting challenges that we will be faced with.

How will you be spending Christmas this year?

DT: I will probably be coming in a few days over the Christmas break to ensure the planned Christmas works are on schedule. On Christmas day, I will spend time with my family, watching my children’s faces as they open their presents, then round the in-laws for more festivities. I am planning to consume so much food and drink that I physically won’t be able to move.

LE: I will be spending the majority of the Christmas period at home with friends and family, however I’ll also be coming in to the school on various days to oversee the various works taking place during the Christmas period while the school is closed. I will then be spending New Year in Dublin.

Tell us something surprising about yourselves…

DT: I can floss like a boss……that’s the dance not the teeth!

LE: I am absolutely petrified of snakes, to the point I can’t look at them on the TV. I don’t find I’m A Celebrity very fun to watch…