Chat with David Adams - thank you to our cleaning staff!Interview

Chat with David Adams - thank you to our cleaning staff!

All throughout the pandemic the cleaning team at LBS have worked tirelessly to ensure the campus facilities are fit for purpose and safe to use for when staff and students return. A massive thanks to those still working at Sussex Place and surrounding campus.

We caught up with Cleaning Manager, David Adams, to hear how he and his team are coping during the Covid-19 pandemic.


David, How long have you worked at LBS?

I started working at LBS on 3 July 2017, the following week was Congregation, followed by the opening of the Sammy Ofer Centre. It was a baptism of fire, sink or swim time, but I loved the challenge.

Can you describe some of the main differences the lock-down has made to your job?

There are  a few differences which have been noticeable. Firstly, due to the uncertainly in these unpresented times, I’ve arranged daily communication meetings with my team assuring them that we at Atalian Servest / LBS are doing all we can to support their wellbeing. Identifying individual concerns, to support them in the challenges that lay ahead while maintaining our high cleaning standards.

Secondly, organising daily “touch cleans”. Basically to stop the possible spread of COVID-19 ,where people have been on site we clean all touch points.

Thirdly, to arrange deep cleans to all public areas , including the cleaning of washrooms, fridges micro waves.

Perhaps you could tell us about some of the things you miss and don’t miss?

Tricky question? I miss the students which creates the buzz around campus and the challenges which come with a busy environment, I also miss my  fellow campus colleagues who work in different departments.

What do you miss most about the students?

That’s and easy question to answer, smiling faces and the interaction.

Do you have any funny stories to tell?  Or any ghost stories?

I heard a story while being on site that one of my janitors was going in to clean the ladies washrooms and heard a banging coming from the toilet cubical, she asked if everything  was alright and the reply came back there no paper in here, quickly she rolled some paper under the door. The lady came out the cubicle all embarrassed and started moaning at the cleaning operative, the cleaner went into the cubicle and shook the dispenser and a spare roll dropped into the designated slot. It had just got stuck in the dispenser!! Both of them had a chuckle.

Have you been able to do any unusual jobs that you can’t do when students are around?

Having no students around campus has given me the opportunity to pressure clean areas around the quadrant like garden walls, benches, steps and the entrance to Laing house which were always difficult to do due to the campus always being so vibrant.