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Celebrating our graduating students: Nick Deakin

By Rachel Harper

This year’s Student Awards recognised a diverse group of students, each of whom has had a profound impact on the School. An award for ‘Lasting contribution to the School’ went to Nick Deakin, MBA2017 (pictured left) in recognition of his work with the Out In Business (OIB) Club and as a peer leader – with admits and current students.

During Nick’s time as Co-President OIB has gone from strength to strength and is now amongst the School’s most high-profile clubs and has helped to raise LBS’s reputation for tolerance and diversity. In 2016, the club’s flagship event EurOUT attracted several top guest speakers including Xavier Battel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg.

Nick – congratulations on winning this award and on graduating last week. What have been your LBS highlights?

Picking one is incredibly tough. I think the passport stamps, and the incredible hospitality of those linked to the community all around the world, are one. Another was being contacted by the leading Spanish business newspaper because they’ve heard from no less than four different constituents about EurOUT and the work LBS does in setting the standard for diversity in business education globally. This made me incredibly proud and nostalgic about the way the School and Club worked together over the past few years to make great strides selling the diversity of the school as a key strength and differentiator. 

How has being at LBS changed you?

The LBS journey has been incredibly transformative for me. I leave equipped with the self-confidence to know what I am capable of, and ask the right questions where I’m not sure, the inclusive attitude required to work in diverse teams and a global outlook opening up opportunities and sofas all over the world.

Our new MBA class will be joining shortly, any words of advice for them?

First, well done! I’m incredibly jealous that you’re just starting the journey as I’m graduating into the big, wide world.

In terms of advice, I’d say that in all the deluge of events and opportunities, it’s easy to have an incredibly short-term calendar and over-stretch. Don’t. Your year will fly by, so try and build in term and year goals  – and assess how you’re stacking up against these – so you have a coherent story leading you to the next part of your journey.

What’s next for the OIB club?

Alberto and I have handed over the incredibly capable Albert Saniger and Paul Aziz who have a brilliant vision for Out In Business. Numbers-wise, the club is continuing to go from strength to strength (with over 30 admits in the incoming MBA class alone, compared to 11 when I joined) and I know everyone is already excited for EurOUT 2017.

What are your future plans?

I’m headed to the European Healthcare M&A team at Citi, in Canary Wharf. I want to become an expert on biopharma and healthtech in Europe, so I can put these to use either in the bank or in a industry-related role. I’m doing some research with LBS on diversity for the strategy department and hope to interview potential students to help shape the class of 2020 and beyond.  

Thanks Nick and all the best for the future.