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Celebrating 40 years at LBS

Please join us in congratulating Gopal Bhudia on celebrating his 40th year working at London Business School.

Bhudia started working at the School as a handyman at the sprightly age of 22, when campus was only the Sussex Place building. He earned a princely wage of 67p an hour, with an option to work on Saturdays to boost the coffers.

Jim Ball was the Dean of the School when Bhudia joined and he has since worked through another eight. During his time here, he has met the Queen at Buckingham Palace owing to his long term contribution to LBS. He also met Prince Charles and Lady Diana when the Plowden building was opened in 1983 - when the maintenance team were all given brand new white overalls for the occasion.

At Bhudia’s celebration drinks Steve Wallis, Maintenance Manager, said, “I think we can all agree 40 years is an amazing achievement and the School has been a better place with him in it. But I’m also pleased to say he still has a few years left before he can retire."

"Though a very quiet person by nature, Bhudia is very popular within the Operations team. His work ethic is just amazing; he is always reliable and always willing to help others in any situation that develops, going beyond the normal call of duty more times than I can mention. In the 17 and bit years I have known Bhudia, I can recall him being late for work once, and to be fair there was around 2 feet of snow which had fallen overnight!”

Congratulations to Bhudia on reaching this fantastic milestone.