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Carlos Hornstein, Associate Dean, Executive Education

We have recently welcomed Carlos Hornstein, as the new Associate Dean to the Executive Education team.  Life@LBS spoke with Carlos to find out more about him and his hopes for the future.

  • As a new member of the LBS family, what drew you to the School and what are your first impressions?
    I was drawn to LBS by the academic excellence and reputation, the global perspective and the growth ambitions. I am fascinated by the diversity of the team and how dedicated, professional, engaged they are as well as well as their strong sense of belonging and purpose.

  • What ambitions do you have for LBS and Executive Education?
    I want to place LBS at the top and for it to be the go-to-School for people and organisations around the world.

  • How are you enjoying living in London
    London is truly a melting pot of cultures; I love it!

  • What keeps you motivated?
    My family and broadly speaking life and the impact on other; it is a journey, both personal and professionally.

  • What is the most important lesson life has taught you?
    Live the present and appreciate what you have.

  • What do you consider your greatest achievement?
    Building five schools for around 4,000 children in rural villages in Mali.

  • What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
    Stay/ be positive and learn from adversity.

  • Tell us something surprising about you.
    I have travelled to more than 70 countries in all five continents, as a backpacker or business traveller, sleeping in all kinds of unique places; that’s why our Exec Ed 50th Anniversary Trailblazing theme resonates so much with me.

  • What are you hobbies/interest?
    I love sports, travel and photography.

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