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Callan Carvey – MBA2020 and Student Association President-elect

From 1 June a new Student Association (SA) committee will be at the helm, in time for the 2019/20 academic year. We caught up with the incoming Student Association President and MBA2020 student Callan Carvey to find out more about her and how she sees the SA's role in School life... 

Tell us a bit about yourself and what brought you to London Business School?

Before coming to London I had spent my entire life in the United States, apart from a short four-month stint in Madrid.  I knew I really wanted to go to business school, but was excited by the prospect of learning and engaging with people that were very different from me.

I knew if I went to business school in the US, I would gravitate towards people who looked like me and had similar experiences. I was hoping LBS would help me change that: it did and then some. The diversity of the School is amazing, and what is even better is the kindness and the openness that students from all around the world extend to one another.

Every student is more than happy to learn and share with one another, and LBS has allowed me to learn and grow in ways I didn’t know were possible!

Explain the role of Student Association President to us. What does it involve?

I will be leading a group of more than 20 peers, ensuring that the SA delivers on its promise to represent the needs of the school to the best of its ability. The SA has three main objectives:

  1. To represent student interests to Senior Management boards within the School
  2. To organise a number of campus-wide events
  3. To help coordinate, promote and assist the student clubs that form an integral part of life at London Business School

The President has a weekly meeting with the SA Executive Committee, as well as regular meetings with School officials, the Dean and the governing body of the School. These meetings ensure we are serving the students as best as we can, meeting the aforementioned objectives and working to mitigate any issues that may arise.

How does the Student Association affect life at the School?

The SA plays a huge role in life at LBS. For example, we plan large events for the entire LBS population like the Welcome Series, Fall Festival, LBS for London events, Tattoo, MBAT and Summer Ball to name a few.

There is also plenty going on behind the scenes. We have senior officers in charge of technology and operations, student advocacy, academics and ethics, career, social, communications and alumni relations.

These officers work tirelessly with their staff departmental counterparts to make sure LBS is a great place to be. For example, if a student is having any personal difficulties they can connect with the advocacy officer to make sure they have an educated student supporter in their corner. When there was a problem with the room booking system our tech and operations officer coordinated requests from students with the school and helped implement the new system. These are two specific examples, but there are hundreds more.

What’s been your best moment during your time at LBS?

I find this question nearly impossible to answer, but I would have to say Tattoo! It was the largest Tattoo in LBS history and represented the best parts of LBS – the diverse student body, the high energy and dedication of its students – as well as the amount of fun we can have together.

I would have to say Japan Trek and Snow Trek are close seconds – they totally blew me away. LBS has been the most fun time in my life to date.

What do you like to do when you’re not working or studying?

I have a number of interests, but I would say my nerdiest guilty pleasure is reading! I am constantly reading and would appreciate any book recommendations anyone has. I am always happy to recommend or give a book as well.

I also love to travel, great places, good food and wine. LBS is certainly helping me tick a lot of items off my bucket list!

Finally, you’re hosting the ultimate dinner party. Which five guests would you invite and why?

Oh, this is hard! I would invite:

Kathryn Graham – owner of the Washington post (her memoir is great). She was connected to so many world leaders and led a newspaper when no one had any faith in women to do so.

Abraham Lincoln – his ability to tell stories and engage an audience is legendary. Sounds like a good dinner guest to me!

JK Rowling – I’m a total Harry Potter nerd!

Catherine the Great – a revolutionary leader, and again a woman no one expected much of, who helped change the world.

John Oliver – because LOLs are important!